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Seed-starting Tips: 7 Key Reminders

Text by William Cullina, President & CEO of Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens, for Horticulture’s October 2014 issue. Raising plants from seeds is very satisfying, but it does have its challenges. The horticultural equivalent to cooking from scratch, it gives you …

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Beginner Bonsai Tips

beginner bonsai

Bonsai is the art of pruning and training a tree, planted in a small pot, into a desired shape, with careful attention to scale and proportion. Both the roots and the top growth are clipped on a regular basis to …

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Overwater Houseplants? These Can Handle It

overwater houseplants

If you overwater houseplants, most will suffer or outright die. For most houseplants, it’s best to let the soil dry slightly to the touch before watering them again, but there are a few kinds that enjoy perpetually moist conditions.

Removing White Crust from Clay Pots

clay pots

If you grow houseplants or garden plants in terra cotta pots, you may notice a white crust or film developing on the pots and even the potting soil. Here’s what it is and how to deal with it.