Useful Tools: Ornamental Grasses

The right tool is crucial to getting a gardening job done well. Tools come in all shapes and sizes, and sometimes it’s hard to recognize their subtle differences or special features that make one just perfect for a certain task. Here are a couple high-quality, built-to-last tools that come in particularly handy when you’re working with ornamental grasses:

Garden Fork—great tool for lifting and dividing clumps of large ornamental grasses. It’s also useful to digging and turning the soil, of course, and for turning compost.

Treaded Garden Spade—this heavy-duty spade comes in handy when you have a large stand of a hearty grass such as miscanthus to renew. When the center of the clump dies out—part of its normal life cycle—use this spade to slice all around the clump, lift it out, remove the dead portion and replant the living sections more to center. This spade is great for that because of its strength and its treads, which allow you to step heavily upon it without wearing out your shoes or losing your balance. And of course it does all the other tasks a spade should do!

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