Two Favorite Fall Tools

I really enjoy my two main fall gardening projects: planting bulbs and gathering leaves. When I’m planting bulbs, I picture the return of spring. Raking leaves gives me the chance to get some exercise and let my mind go blank. Of course, the right tool makes any job more enjoyable, and I’ve found a favorite for each of these tasks.

CobraHead ToolI like to use the CobraHead (right) to plant bulbs. Its hooked end does a good job of carving out small holes for individual bulbs, especially if I’m tucking them between existing plants.

For leaf cleanup, I can’t do without my Leaf Scoops (below). These big paddles make it easy to quickly transfer giant handfuls of leaves into your wheel barrow or into leaf bags. I was using them in the front yard last weekend and three different people stopped to ask about them.

Leaf Scoops

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10 thoughts on “Two Favorite Fall Tools

  1. I really could not work in my garden without my elbow length gardening gloves. I use them for putting leaves in the bags. I used them to protect my hands when pulling out the native raspberry vines in my front entrance garden bed (54′ x 26′)and other places. When we first bought our property, I rode over the leaves, it was easier than raking.

    The other items I can’t live without are the few small hand spades I use to pull up soil and plant the one or two bulb(s) here/there I order each year from my religious congregation’s Holland bulb sale that I chair.

  2. One of my favorite yard tools is a common dog pooper scooper. It has 2 wooden handles that cross like a scissors and two metal ends, one rakish and the other scoopish. It is the greatest thing for picking up piles of leaves and stuffing them into a 30 gal garbage can. Then you use the thing like a plunger to pack the leaves in! You can fit at least 3 black bags worth of leaves in a 30 gal. garbage can(the can can be packed SO much more tightly since there’s no worry about tearing the sides. With the scooper, you don’t have to bend over so far to pick up the leaves, so its great for people with bad backs. They’re only about 10-15 bucks and they last forever! Just remember to tighten the little wing nut every now and then, as it loosens up after working for a few hours with it. Try it, you’ll love it!

  3. This not only the best raking tool but I use it all season long. I love picking up soil with it that I then sift and return back to the garden bed. I rake leaves off of stone paths — I use it for everything. For 5.00 a piece (you have to shop for best price) it is worth its weight in gold.

  4. I love the CobraHead also. It does everything from weeding to planting and provides extra power on the downstroke due to its length and shape.
    As far as the Leaf Scoops, I find that two garbage can lids provide exactly the same service, for free. Just hang onto the handles and you’ve got a new giant set of hands.

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