Tools That Multitask

Multitasking. In today’s busy world, being able to do more than one thing, at the drop of a hat, is indeed an asset. This Swiss-Army-knife mentality has made us look for dual purposes in many of our favorite products: phones that take photos, computers that burn CDs, and cars with backseat movie theaters for the kids. And although it may seem like a trivial accomplishment for a coffee maker to toast bagels, it is nothing short of brilliant that multitasking technology has been applied to yard and gardening power equipment. (But don’t worry, we’re not talking about hedge trimmers that send e-mail.)

The simple beauty of multitasking tools began with the premise that one power head is enough. Numerous attachments transform a single power head into a versatile quick-change yard-care artist. If you have a small garage or storage shed, and if the type of gardening and landscaping that you do requires you to use a variety of power tools (pruners, hedge trimmers, cultivators, edgers, and so on), it makes perfect sense to consolidate equipment-from both a storage space and cost standpoint.

Laurie Olm of Manitowoc, Wisconsin, uses her multitasking system to maintain her 123-acre property. She has three attachments: a brush-cutting blade, a string trimmer, and a sweeper. "I use the blade attachment for making and maintaining four-wheeler trails on our property," she says. "The blade cuts through black walnut saplings like butter." She uses the sweeping attachment to move pebbles and pea gravel off her driveway and for light snow removal in winter.

Besides the versatility of snap-on, snap-off attachments, the lightweight design of these multitasking systems heightens their appeal. The power head units can weigh as little as 10 pounds (without their attachments), and some larger

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