Removing Mulch

If you applied a winter mulch to protect your plants, follow this tip on removing it this spring:

1. Pull back the mulch in stages, beginning by pulling off one layer and leaving some material covering the plant. A week or so later, pull back the rest, but don’t remove it from the area. Leaving it close by the plant will allow you to easily recover the plant if a late frost or freeze is forecast.

2. Do any mulch removal on a cloudy day. This will allow any early growth to become acclimated to brighter conditions gradually—if you remove the mulch on a clear day, the plant could be scalded by the sudden bright sunlight.

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2 thoughts on “Removing Mulch

  1. Good advice! Sometimes I get a little too anxious and pull back winter mulch too soon and lose the plant. When do you start this for hardy perennials and roses(i.e. how many weeks before last avg frost date)?

    • I remove it from perennials once there is a good clump of new growth — just dig down and see if it’s there. Start checking for this when the trees and shrubs are starting to bud up. If it’s something marginally hardy or in a colder area of the garden (shady, exposed to wind, low lying), wait longer — perhaps until your average last frost date. For roses, wait until after the danger of frost has passed.

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