New Year’s Resolutions Glove Giveaway

On New Year’s Eve I committed to be a better person in 2012, but now it’s time to make my Gardening New Year’s Resolutions. That’s much more fun! Please send us your New Year’s Resolutions in the comments section below and we will reward our favorites with Womanswork Rose Leather Gauntlet gloves.  All comments must be received by Jan. 31st.

Here are my 5 Gardening New Year’s Resolutions—

1. Harvest at least one lemon from the lemon tree growing in my greenhouse. (Below, lemon blossom in my greenhouse.)

lemon blossom









2. Grow all of my container annuals for next summer from seed, including black-eyed Susan vine (below, at the New York Botanical Garden).

black eyed susan vine

















3. Memorize the major tree species in our region.

4. Begin replacing the pachysandra in our front yard with liriope, one of my favorite evergreen groundcovers (shown below).

lily turf liriope







5. Propagate lots of Streptocarpella saxorum plants in  my greenhouse to give as gifts. The parent came from Ruth Clausen and it made a lovely present! (Below, streptocarpella rooting in water.)

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About Dorian Winslow

Dorian Winslow, the president of Womanswork, is passionate about making the best products on the market for women who garden and work outdoors. She writes several "Curious Gardener" articles each month for

36 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions Glove Giveaway

  1. 1.Take the time to see the beauty in flowers considered weeds.
    2.Give more pass along plants to make someone happy.
    3.Grow more heirloom flowers.
    4.Learn more about the history and uses of herbs.
    5.Share more and than some.

  2. 1) Plant some heirloom seeds and save them for next year
    2) Pass on seeds to my friends and get them on board
    3) Raise a healthy flock of rare breed chickens (I’m thinking Buckeyes)
    4) Appreciate Nature more than I ever have before!!!

  3. 1. Move vegetable garden to sunnier site
    2. Build raised beds
    3. Start to compost household/kitchen waste
    4. Eat (plant) more from backyard garden

  4. Oh…good question. My garden goals for 2012:

    1. Stay under $40 for all gardening supplies, including seeds. (Can it be done??? I think so.)
    2. Mulch, mulch, mulch! I haven’t done enough of that the last couple of years and have been overun with too many weeds.
    3. Gather soil, compost, and any other add-ins to fill the 2 beds I dug last month.
    4. Dig a small pond for the garden.
    5. Give away any extra produce to friends/family.
    6. Try my hand at canning and drying a bigger variety.

    Thanks for offering the giveaway!

  5. 1. Keep up my garden journal.
    2. Mulch early in spring!
    3. Harvest veggies instead of letting them go to waste.
    4. De-Weed the blueberry bed!
    5. Make some new gardening friends!

  6. – Increase my gardening knowledge base
    – Apply learning to gardening practice
    – Share gardening knowledge with others
    – Divide perennials and share with those without
    – Gift extra gardening produce to friends and neighbors

  7. 1. Teach the deer to read the “deer resistant plant” list
    2. Train the squirrels to think my blueberries are inedible
    3. Offer one month free rent to the first frogs to inhabit the frog houses
    4. Give a prize to the wasp that can lay the most eggs on the tomato worms
    5. Convince the armadillos that the grubs in my neighbors’ garden are tastier

  8. For several years I have made 1 garden resolution – to spend 15 minutes per day gardeneing. I live in Indiana where we have winter weather. It is surprising what can be accomplished in the winter months. Spring is so much fun when a lot of the work preparing for the next season has been slowly finished over the winter months. Last week I was able to prune shrubs and edge garden beds. Many invasive plants are easier to remove during cold weather. Give 15 minutes of gardening per day, 365 days a year, a try. I think you will be please with the results.

  9. To use the Winter months to organize my perennial groups to have the same bloom times so a beautiful vase-like display of blooms can be seen in one place or other at any visit to the garden.

  10. Only 5? LOL
    1. Plant a new 15 plant stand of something that has long blooming time in the walking garden. In early May no less.
    2. Replant evergreens along the drive.
    3. Fertilize/feed at the correct time this year.
    4. Augment the bad soil areas.
    5. Build 2 hardscapes in the walking garden: trellis and another bench

  11. 1. volunteer at the local community garden
    2. learn how to make an essence of basil
    3. have a potluck from and in the garden
    4. get my strawberries under control…yeah right 😀
    5. make use of the hammock gifted to me

  12. 1. Give away some of my houseplants to good friends. You can have only so many or they become overwhelming especially since in Maine they have to spend more than 8 months indoors.
    2. Make a key lime pie with all the key limes on my 4 trees.
    2. Try to keep up with the weeds. When I’m putting out spring bulbs is not the right time to start weeding.

  13. 1. Practice saying the Latin plant names aloud to myself so I get comfortable using them. I may have to look up the pronunciation but I will.
    2. Put all clippers and shovels away when I’m done with a job and NOT just leave them abandoned as I have done so many times before without realizing until I can’t locate the tool I need.

    3. Remember to clean all clippers & shovels before putting them away.

    4. Learn to use a file to keep my cleaned shovels and clippers sharp.

    5. Always find someone who can use my extra seedlings or divisions even though it takes a bit of time to do so. It’s a crime to waste good plants.

  14. 1. Take moments to relax, stop weeding and enjoy the beauty of my garden with all of its imperfection.

    2. Regularly do stretching exercises before working in gardens to avoid spring aches and pains

    3. Avoid unplanned perennial purchases – HA!

    4. Stake peonies before they reach 40 inches

    5. Complete Master Gardener program

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