New Year’s Resolutions Glove Giveaway

On New Year’s Eve I committed to be a better person in 2012, but now it’s time to make my Gardening New Year’s Resolutions. That’s much more fun! Please send us your New Year’s Resolutions in the comments section below and we will reward our favorites with Womanswork Rose Leather Gauntlet gloves.  All comments must be received by Jan. 31st.

Here are my 5 Gardening New Year’s Resolutions—

1. Harvest at least one lemon from the lemon tree growing in my greenhouse. (Below, lemon blossom in my greenhouse.)

lemon blossom









2. Grow all of my container annuals for next summer from seed, including black-eyed Susan vine (below, at the New York Botanical Garden).

black eyed susan vine

















3. Memorize the major tree species in our region.

4. Begin replacing the pachysandra in our front yard with liriope, one of my favorite evergreen groundcovers (shown below).

lily turf liriope







5. Propagate lots of Streptocarpella saxorum plants in  my greenhouse to give as gifts. The parent came from Ruth Clausen and it made a lovely present! (Below, streptocarpella rooting in water.)

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About Dorian Winslow

Dorian Winslow, the president of Womanswork, is passionate about making the best products on the market for women who garden and work outdoors. She writes several "Curious Gardener" articles each month for

36 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions Glove Giveaway

  1. 1 – finish landscaping yard
    2 – finish stone border
    3 – plant annuals on border
    4 – set up area for herbs
    5 – install decorative garden items

    madamerkf at aol dot com

  2. Here are my top 5 resolutions:
    1. Share my seed purchases with other gardeners to both save money and compare notes.
    2. Clean my seed-starting area BEFORE the seeds arrive.
    3. Finish my “bus stop” garden so the kids can witness nature while waiting for the bus.
    4. Buy a cider press to make good use of the apples that fall from our tree.
    5. Share O.G. with friends!

  3. Top 5 Resolutions/Goals for My Yard 2012
    #1 – Finalize the Zen Garden – Shiva is getting covered with weeds.
    #2 – Get the family more involved in the gardens, more than just helping me mow the grass.
    #3 – Encourage the neighbors to stop browse the gardens more.
    #4 – Plant in mass for more of a “wow” factor in the yard.
    #5 – This year I want to be able to just go out into the yard and walk around the gardens or sit and enjoy the gardens because I didn’t get to do it last year.

  4. My resolutions for the garden:

    1. Go through left over seeds thoroughly before ordering more, so I don’t waste money on something I already have.

    2. Get to the weeds when they are tiny.

    3. Order seeds early, so that they aren’t out of the hot new introductions.

    4. Harvest and freeze basil, parsley and cilantro regularly instead of waiting until frost threatens. They’ll make more!

    5. Stop putting off pruning the shrubs because I’m not ready to take cuttings. They’ll make plenty more branches for cuttings.

  5. I resolve to finish my switch over to a vegan diet this year. That means better managing my veggie garden to sustain my diet all year and to add fruit to my yard.

  6. 1. Finish path around garden.
    2. Plant more vegetables for my grandchildren to harvest.
    3. Plant things immediately after purchasing them.
    4. Get over my trepidation and plant Clematis.
    5. Root roses to share with friends.

  7. In 2012 I resolve to:

    1. Do my weeding weekly, rather than wait until its out of control.
    2. Redo the shady area of my front bed with more appropriate perennials so that it doesn’t look like such a mess.
    3. Get rid of my Japanese Beetle infestation so that I can enjoy my roses this year.
    4. Bring more blooms into the house to enjoy.
    5. Plant lots of dahlias so that I can share them with my friends.

  8. Here’s my 5 garden resolutions:

    1. My first garden resolution is to find more ways to share my love of plants with kids!

    2. Starting in January, I plan to plant cilantro every month; It’s not like I won’t use every little bit of this tasty herb.

    3. This year I plan to plant edible sweet potatoes instead of the ornamentals.

    4. I am resolved to plant more vegetables that I like to eat, and less of the vegetables I like to watch sprout and grow, like artichokes.

    5. I will keep focused on planting more native plants in my new flower garden; Pasque flowers, White Prairie Sage, New Jersey Tea, Purple Prairie Clover and meadow Blazing Star, will join the Little Blue Stem, Rattlesnake Master and Prairie Petunias I planted last year.

  9. My 5 New Year’s Gardening Resolutions are:
    1. Complete the Master Gardener program
    2. As part of that, complete the 50 hrs. internship volunteering
    3. Start a walkway from our driveway to the front door, dig the sod, lay the foundation which is Step 1 in my plan
    4. Continue “reclaiming” the space behind the garage
    5. Finish extracting buckthorn and research something to put in its place

  10. I love reading everyones gardening resolutions! Wonderful inspiration!
    Here are a few of mine for 2012:
    * Plant potatoes earlier in the spring this year – last season was the first time I planted potatoes and got them in late but the few we had were incredible.
    * Create a seed starting set up with a grow light
    * Build a cold frame
    * Relax and make time to simply enjoy my gardens
    * Try to be consistent with a garden journal

  11. To inspect -redo and turn on the automatic sprinkler system

    To de-clutter the plantings

    To replenish and extend the stone and gravel in the rear walkway

    To professionally label the most important plants

    To renovate the lawn.

  12. Some of my gardening resolutions for this year:
    1. Read and study more of the gardening information that I have been accumulating.
    2. Expand my “special spot” seating area to enjoy my garden even more.
    3. Plant some heirloom tomato seeds in my veggie garden.
    4. Use the fertilizers on my roses regularly to make them healthier.
    5. Improve the front entrance walkway area with new plants.
    6. Improve my compost area and apply it in early spring.

  13. In 2012 I plan to:
    1)Start a gardening tips/info blog (that I have thought about for over a year)

    2) Make up 12″ planters, in the spring, to give as gifts to the people that always ‘give’ to me throughout the year

    3) Continue learning the latest/greatest plant material

    4) Label my houseplants with the copper tags I purchased at Matthaei Botanical Gardens.

    5) Respect, Love and cherish the horticulture world even more!

  14. I hear you on replacing pachysandra with liriope! While I love pachysandra as groundcover, it constantly tries to expand beyond it’s boundaries and chokes grasses that it grows around. I too started replacing it with liriope in selective areas this year and am really pleased with the results. Good luck with this!!

    • Sorry, I should have added my resolutions:
      – plant some Winterberry shrubs for late fall interest
      – remove a high-visibility mountain laurel (3 around it are doing well, just this one is suffering) that is not doing well with a spring flowering tree
      – Add some Helleborus for some early, early flowers
      – Fix some stone steps on a secret path that are falling down
      – Try to prevent my clematis from being attacked by an unidentified animal in the garden

  15. for 2012 I have resolved to:
    1) for once, to finally clean, sharpen and organize by garden tool bag before I need the items in the spring!
    2) to gather all my tags/info on plants in my yard and put them into the nice garden organizer system my husband gave me 10 years ago!
    3) to spend more time/effort on our “adopted” Master Gardener garden at the Farmers Market

  16. My garden resolutions are many! Here are 5 of them:
    1) Add more ornamental vegetable varieties and flowers to the vegetable garden.
    2) Get my seed order list and vegetable garden planned before the end of January so I can order seeds and get the cool season stuff planted early enough to transplant before it gets too late.
    3) Spread newspaper and compost on top of that, as I plant and transplant in the vegetable garden, to start controlling weeds immediately, rather than wait until the weeds start growing.
    4) Complete a moss graffiti project on the front retaining wall and moss the body of the concrete turtle that I covered (the turtle shell) with mosaic last year.
    5) Visit more local public gardens. Invite family and friends to go with me.

  17. 1. Evaluate compost quality and adjust materials and mixing to improve the texture.
    2. Make permanent markers for all wildflowers and keep a journal of bloom times.
    3. Create a tree identification game for all the native trees on our lot and match with wooden furniture, floors, trim and household items inside.
    4. Thin native plants, especially columbines and donate to native plant gardens at the library and Lutheran Campus Ministry.
    5. Add at least one new wood chip path; either back door to compost and/or backdoor to apple tree guild circle.

  18. In 2012 I resolve to:
    1) raise primulas from seed from the American Primrose Society seed exchange. This year I also want to try winter sowing them in containers placed outside.
    2) label the trees and shrubs in the beds around my house. I gave up on this effort a few years back when my “permanent” ink labels faded in 1 season in the sun. This year I’m buying a M1011 metal tape labelling machine and trying again.
    3) figure out a solution for the drainage problems in the front yard. Yes, the bog planting there looks great, but the mulch washes downhill into the lawn every time a flood of water rushes down off the road.
    4) Wear my new Womanswork gloves (Christmas present!) when I weed, to prevent splinters and cuts. No more sore fingers!

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