Pros and Cons of Garden Chickens

The theory behind keeping free-range poultry—chickens that are allowed to roam the garden at their will—is wonderful, but the practice is not always quite so simple. While many people’s ideal is to have chickens scratching at the back door, picking at scraps and living a contented life, in reality things can be very different.

Although free-ranging poultry will eradicate insect pests and slugs in the garden, some of their habits are less welcome. Chickens and bantams love nothing more than a good dust bath to help rid themselves of parasites. They consider a well-prepared seed bed ideal for the purpose. To their minds, bark mulch that has been carefully placed around plants is scratching heaven. For these reasons alone, you may prefer to keep your chickens confined to a run. A run will also prevent your hens from laying their eggs in the shrubbery where you can’t find them. If well constructed, the run will protect them from neighborhood dogs and wild predators.

The amount of space needed in the run depends on whether your chickens can be given some free range. Generally it should be as big as is practical.

Read tips for keeping free-range chickens and a tidy garden

Note: This text is excerpted from Keeping Chickens by Jeremy Hobson & Celia Lewis (David & Charles, 2007).
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