Tips for Storing Birdseed

If you plan on feeding the birds this winter then you need to think about all things birdseed. You will want to invest in a good storage system. Not only will you prevent critters like mice and bugs from destroying the seed, but the seed will stay fresh longer and be easier for you to access.

storing birdseed

Storage: Select containers that have secure lids. We like plastic bins with lids that snap on tight. Metal containers are nice too, but you want to ensure they remain dry to prevent rust.

Cool, Dry Place: No one wants to replace rotting birdseed—it’s expensive and the smell and mess of spoiled seed is off-putting. Be sure to store your seed in a cool, dry place.

Easy to Access: While a garbage can with a secure lid is great, it is not that easy to access seed at the bottom of the container, and you want to use all the seed before replenishing your supply. We like rubber bins with lids, each placed on its own shelf at an easy-to-access height.


Name That Seed! Use a marker to label each plastic bin with what kind of seed it holds.

Buy in Bulk: If you plan to feed the birds throughout the winter, buying bulk will save you money and trips to the store. But the savings of buying in bulk is only realized when you have a proper storage system.

Do you have some tips for storing birdseed? Share them with us!

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  1. I would rethink using anything soft, ie plastic or rubber as I’ve had squirrels gnaw right through it. Use metal containers or keep the plastic inside in you mudroom, etc.

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