Q&A: Improving the View

There is a telephone pole directly in my line of sight when I look out my kitchen window. Any suggestions for how I can hide it? For a few reasons, I don’t want to plant a tree.—BG, Mont.

If you have a clear view of an unattractive feature—such as a telephone pole—just outside your property, it’s usually a relatively easy matter to hide it, or at least distract attention from it.

A well-positioned tree is often a solution, but you have another option. Place an arch between your window and the pole. Use the arch as a support for a choice climber or two, such as a clematis or a climbing rose. In a very short amount of time you’ll find that your eye is drawn more to the arch than it is to the pole. Further careful planting, building out from the arch, will add to the distraction until you no longer notice the pole at all.

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