Propagating Jade

jade plant crassula ovataQuestion: We have a nice, small jade plant that would look more balanced if we cut a branch off of one side. Can we use this branch to make a new plant?

Answer: Yes, and it’s very easy. You can either put the stem in a glass of water or stick it about an inch deep in damp potting mix. Remove any leaves that would be under the water or below the soil first. If you’re using potting mix, add water only when it is nearly dried out.

In a couple weeks you should see roots forming in the water; once a handful have formed, pot the stem up. If you’re rooting it in soil and you tug gently on the stem in soil and it resists, roots have formed.

You can also propagate a jade by sticking one of its leaves, stem end down, in potting mix or moist sand. After some time it will resist a gentle tug. Some time later a tiny jade plant will appear from the base of the leaf. I’ve tried all these methods and this takes much longer than rooting a stem.

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4 thoughts on “Propagating Jade

  1. we have a very large plant and are pruning it into a bonsi style.
    last spring i rooted 29 starter plants from the trimmings. just put them into 3 inch pots with potting soil and let them root on ther own. did not have any losses. We also find that by placing the plant outside during the summer months, will make it bloom in eary winter. flowers are very fragarent.

  2. I have always grown Jade plants. That are so easy to grow with little or no maintenance. One suggestion I would give in addition to propagating all the leaves that might fall off, is to “pinch” back the new growth. It makes the plant much fuller over time. Another note is that Jade plants also get small white flowers once
    a year. I have one very large plant that is covered with flowers
    in early winter.

    • My jade now about 15 years old and way too big has been blooming non-stop since I brought it into our walk-in basement before frost in late October. It is beautiful! They must grow into trees in their native environment.

      • My mother’s Jade plant was quite large and it suddenly had some type of flies on it and all of rotted and she lost it. any ideas what it could have been?

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