Fall-Blooming Camellias

fall-blooming camelliaQuestion: How far north can you grow fall-blooming camellias?

Answer: In the early 1990s, the United States National Arboretum bred and introduced a group of fall-blooming camellias that are hardy to USDA Zone 6b. These evergreen shrubs bloom over 4 to 6 weeks in late autumn. The USNA cultivars are named ‘Winter’s Charm’ (shown), ‘Snow Flurry’, ‘Polar Ice’, ‘Winter’s Rose’, ‘Winter’s Hope’ and ‘Winter’s Star’. These plants were bred by crossing several different species of camellia, with Camellia oleifera as the source of cold hardiness. Camellia Forest Nursery has introduced a number of fall-blooming camellias that are hardy to Zone 6a.

Grow camellias in moist but well-drained acidic soil. Give them a site that gets light shade in the summer and protection from wind in the winter.

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