10 Common Foes in the Garden

The larvae feed on some 120 species of woody ornamentals-deciduous shrubs and trees as welt as conifers.
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Black Spot
Black spot (Diplocarpon rosae) is the most serious and widespread disease of roses, thriving wherever there is adequate humidity and rainfall.
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Fall Webworm
This native insect found throughout North America feeds on at least 88 species of deciduous trees, from apple to willow.
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Greenhouse Whitefly

The greenhouse whitefly is one of the most common houseplant pests.
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Brown Soft Scale
This common scale attacks a wide range of houseplants, including anthuriums, citrus, dieffenbachia, ferns, orchids, and ornamental figs.
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Euonymus Scale
This armored scale from Asia is a serious pest of euonymus throughout the United States and Canada.
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Citrus Mealybug

The citrus mealybug is a major greenhouse and houseplant pest. In subtropical climates, this sucking insect is also a problem outdoors.
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Mexican Bean Beetle
Mexican bean beetle, a member of the ladybug family, attacks many kinds of beans—bush, pole, and lima—as well as cowpeas and soybeans.
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Two Spotted Spider Mites
This pest attacks indoor plants as well as outdoor plants during hot, dry summers.
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Bronze Birch Borer
Birch trees are the target of this pest, often consuming the tree branch by branch.
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