Keeping Ladybugs Outside

ladybugIn the fall, ladybugs, box elder beetles and western conifer seedbugs often enter homes, looking for shelter and warmth. To help keep these insects outdoors, caulk around your windows and add weather-striping to your doors. While they are buisances, these bugs will not harm people, pets or homes. You can vacuum up any that do get inside and dispose of them. Insecticides are not warranted or recommended.

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15 thoughts on “Keeping Ladybugs Outside

  1. In the upper midwest we have millions of these imported ladybugs come to out homes each fall. They are attacted to body heat and the bites cause open sores that take months to heal. They keep us prisoners in our homes durine the most beautiful fall days. They were imported to the upper midwest to eat soybean aphids by the U.S. Dept. of agriculture even after they knew the problems they were causing. These are NOT the ladybugs in your garden. In this area they cause major damage by shorting out electrical systems – especially air conditioners. Many people have the outside of their homes sprayed with long lasting pesticides each fall. Last year I killed and vaccumed up a five gallon pail from the south side of my home every five days. I have a tight new house but they still get in by the hundreds. They reached northern Maine last year and my folks camp is a mess. There is a fear that they will replace all our native ladybugs. Stop making excuses for these terrible insects!

    • I love ladybugs. They are beneficial because they eat other harmful insects like aphids. They are pretty. I get a kick out of them walking on me. I feel blessed when one is on me. I move them by hand if I want them somewhere else. I also move spiders. The overwhelming majority are also beneficial to a gardener. I do not feel blessed when a spider is on me. Peace y’all.

  2. Lady bugs CAN be harmful. The author does not have complete information. I have a bad allergy to them. They cause me respiratory problems and if I touch one and touch my eye it causes the whites of my eye to blister – I’ve had to go to the ER. If you check the Web site for the entomology dept for Michigan State University you will see a discussion of this issue. They are not cute and benign, even though they are good for the garden. I hate it when we have a heavy lady bug year – and I am an organic gardener.

  3. Ladybugs are very much more than a nuisance. They do come in with the box elder beetles and are a problem from the first frost until the warm days of spring (and especially then) Swarming towards the lightest areas of the house, they land everywhere, they bite, they leave excrement on the curtains and windows, they land in beverages and I have yet to see them go after a mealybug. Our house is already caulked and weather stripped, thank you and I would really like to see a more substantial solution to get rid of these pests!

  4. Alright, don’t start with the nasty emails just yet. :)I happen to like them, and don’t mind them in my home. I figure they are good for whatever may be ailing my plants during the winter. We have our share, don’t worry. We also live in a white house, white inside. They seem to LOVE that color scheme! They entertain the cat. They do smell, but only when crushed, The obvious solution here is not to crush them. Simple. Yes, they may become overwhelming in numbers, so that’s the time you drag out the vacume. You have to vacume at some point anyway, right? I don’t mean to belittle someone else’s problem or distaste of a certain bug, snakes, etc. I just think we get way too overworked on the this one…. We have to deal with it, can’t avoid it, so just get out the vacume and suck them up when they get to you. Think of what else it could be, could be worse you know…

    • I like your comments – and it could be worse. I have WASPS congregating on my bedroom ceiling. Happens for a few days each fall as it gets cold. FREAKY!! I vacum them up, too.

    • Well said, Robin. Not to go into hysterics over a few lady bugs. Our problem is the stink bugs…..yuck. The local Extension office recommended spraying the house with soapy water as an organic alterative, it acts as a barrier. These critters are attracted to light colors. The siding is cream colored. (What was I thinking??? LOL)

      • Washing down the outside of the house with soapy water as a natural alternative is a GREAT idea! Cleans the outside of the house too! ROLL TIDE!

    • Dealing with the problem is realizing how stupid it is to import these lady bugs, as the USDA did. I have no problems with our domestic ones. These pests put me on steroid inhalers – so I “deal with it”, but the real time to “deal with it” is before people make these short-sighted decisions to introduce them. Beautiful sunny fall and late winter days are now a time of dred because these pests emerge over and over again! AAhhhh!!

    • I’d give my eye teeth & a couple of molars to fight lady – rather than stink – bugs. We are assured here in northern DE that they are harmless, but when dozens congregate on the ceilings of your south-facing rooms there’s no convincing me of that. And they’re not called stink bugs for nothing. We are shop-vacking them up now by the hundreds.

  5. Thank you for all your information and hints. It suddenly dawned upon me that I have a manuscript which would fit right into your magazine or publishing company if you have one. It is about Jeremy, a Grade 5 student, who falls asleep while playing with a woolly bear caterpillar. In an off-shoot of Alice in Wonderland, Woolly takes Jeremy all through his mom’s rose garden where he learns about insects and their kin. It is sixteen chanpters long and some 16,000 words. Could you – or a company you know – use it?
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