Frequently Asked Perennial Questions

Here are the perennial-related questions we receive most often. Click through to read their answers.

When should I divide perennials?

When should I prune clematis?

Are there any perennials that stay green in winter?

When can I transplant Oriental poppies?

What’s the best way to plant perennials?

Should I protect perennials from a cold winter, and how?

How do I start perennial seeds that need a cold period?

Can I plant perennials in the hot summer?

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3 thoughts on “Frequently Asked Perennial Questions

  1. Does anyone have experience with these plant combinations? Mine were not intentional.Will lilies of the valley crowd out daylilies? And will violets crowd out trilium?

    • The poppies from seed will take time to mature enough for flowering. I have also found that those from seed will not be as hardy or as true as the original plant as one doesn’t know for sure what the original poppy was cross pollintaed with.
      Poppies from seed may come back a year or two and them ‘poop out’.

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