More Timely Tips: Colorful Latin Translations

What’s in a Name?

Color: White
albescens  becoming white, lightening, with a whitish cast
albicans  whitish, foamy
albidus  whitish; dirty white
albulus  watery white
albus  white (general)
argo-  pure white
candicans  becoming white
chionanthus  with snow-white flowers
cretaceus  chalky white
dealbatus  whitened, powdery white
eburneus  ivory white
galacto-  milky white
gypseus  limy white
lacteus  milky white, with a slight bluish tinge
leuco-  white
nivalis, niveus  snow white

Color: Black
anthracinus  coal black, bluish black
ater  pure black
atratus  clothed in black for mourning; dark
carbonaceus  black like charcoal
coracinus, corvinus  crow black, shiny black
denigratus  blackened
ebenaceus, ebenus  black like ebony
mela-, melano-  pure black
nigellus  blackish
nigrescens, nigricans  blackish, blackening
nigritus  dressed in black
piceus   brownish black, pitch black
pullus  dusky, grayish black

Color: Brown
badius  reddish brown
brunneus  dark, dull brown
castaneus  chestnut
cervinus  fawn
cinnamomeus  cinnamon brown
cupreus  coppery
ferrugineus; ferruginosus  rusty; light reddish brown
fuligineus  dark brown, sooty
fuscus  dark; blackish brown
glandulaceus  tawny brown
hepaticus  liver-colored
luridus  dirty brown
testaceus  terra-cotta-colored
umbrinus  umber

Colors: Gray and Silver
argentatus  silvered
argenteus  silvery, lustrous
argyrotrichon  silver-haired
canescens  rather hoary, whitish gray
cinereus  ash gray
ferreus  iron gray
fulmineus  lightning-colored
fumeus, fumidus, fumosus  smoky gray
glaucescens  rather glaucous, becoming glaucous
griseus  pure pearly gray
incanus  pale, whitish gray; hoary
leucophaeus  light gray
murinus  mousy gray
plumbeus  leaden
schistaceus  slate gray

Colors: Yellow and Gold
auratus, aureatus  decorated with gold
aureopictus  (literally) gold-painted
aureus  gold, golden
canarinus  canary yellow
cerinus  waxy yellow
chrys-, chryso-  gold
chrysographes  marked with gold
citrinus  lemon yellow
croceus  saffron yellow
flavens  yellow
flavus  pale yellow
helvolus  grayish yellow
icterinus  jaundice yellow
isabellinus  tawny yellow
luridus  dirty yellow
luteus  yellow
ochraceus  brownish yellow
stramineus  like straw, straw-colored
sulphureus  sulphur yellow
vitellinus  egg-yolk yellow
xanth-, xantho-  yellow
xanthinus  yellow

Colors: Blue and Purple
amethystinus  violet-colored
atropurpureus  dark purple
azureus  sky blue
betinus  purple like beet
caeruleus, coeruleus  bright, deep blue
caesius  light graish blue, lavender blue
cobaltinus  cobalt blue
coelestinus  sky blue
cyaneus, cyanus  clear, bright blue
ianthinus  violet-blue
indigoticus  deep, dark blue
lilacinus  lilac-colored
lividus  leaden blue-gray
ostrinus  rich purple
pavoninus  peacock blue
purpurascens  purplish, becoming purple
tyrius  purple
violaceus  violet

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