A Plant that Deters Deer

cilantro leafThis tip was offered by a guest at our Smart Gardening Workshop on “Deer-Resistant Gardening”. See what plant you might try as a way to ward off deer.

This gardener, whose name and location we didn’t catch, swears by coriander as a plant that wards off deer. She recommends keeping pots of it around deer-favored plants you wish to protect. She also snips its leaves and drapes them over the stems of susceptible plants, though she notes this obviously has to be repeated.

Coriander is also known as cilantro and Chinese parsley. (In cooking, this plant’s seeds are “coriander” and its leaves are “cilantro.”) It is an annual herb that likes full sun and warm but not hot temperatures. (It will start to go to seed, or bolt, when temperatures reach the high 70s.) It needs good drainage and can survive some light frost.

File under: worth trying.

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33 thoughts on “A Plant that Deters Deer

    • I am responding to “whatever means are needed. Using deer resistant plants simply creates an even more artificial landscape than the one we are living in.”

      Do not agree- If there is a healthy, balanced herd (age & sex ratio) then just use a fence and stop growing food FOR them. If too many, have hunters in the cull (kill) two does before taking a buck of ANY age. Let older bucks remain for strong blood lines, health, and for “teaching.”

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