How to Sharpen Gardening Tools

Watch a video about sharpening common garden tools.
In this video, Tricia from Peaceful Valley shows you how to clean, sharpen and otherwise care for gardening tools, including pruners, loppers, shovels and more. Take care of your tools now so they’ll be ready for spring!
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2 thoughts on “How to Sharpen Gardening Tools

  1. Nice video, but the staff producing it didn’t have a clue as to how a file is used to sharpen a tool. For example, the bastard file used to sharpen the shovel was clearly a wood rasp and it was drawn backwards across the teeth of the rasp. The file used to sharpen the pruners was also improperly applied in the same manner. Finally, the file in both cases should be pushed in a diagonal motion along the length of the blade of the tool. This creates a shearing action of the metal edge that will efficiently remove nicks and produce a keener edge.

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