Meghan’s Picks: Classic Horticulture: 1987–1996

Classic Horticulture: 1987–1996

Classic Horticulture: 1987–1996 captures 10 years of Horticulture magazine on one DVD.

Whether you’re new to Horticulture or you’ve been reading the magazine for many years, I guarantee you’ll enjoy our new DVD, Classic Horticulture: 1987–1996.

I’m an old-fashioned sort of person and I love the printed page, but I’m excited about this disc. It’s an easy way for more of you to be able to enjoy a slice of Horticulture’s history—10 years’ worth of quality info that can do your garden good today.

The disc holds 106 full issues. Just pop it into your computer and click on an issue in the menu to read it. Turn the page with another click of the mouse. Looking for something specific? Type a word into the master index, and the disc will search through all 106 issues for you. You can also print articles to read on paper or to share with a friend.

A few highlights: Inspiring interviews with accomplished gardeners and photos of their creations. Hundreds of articles on great garden plants and how to grow them. Advice for every season of the year and every style of garden, including cottage gardens, rock gardens, bird gardens, water gardens and many more. Illustrated articles that teach how to best tend a garden, from basic to advanced techniques.

Add this DVD to your garden library today! You won’t regret it.

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