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Growing the Golden Barrel Cactus

golden barrel cactus

Virtues: We love golden barrel cacti for their plump, rounded form textured with sharp ribs that bear bright, yellow spines. These globular plants bloom in summer with vibrant yellow flowers.

Spider Agave

agave bracteosa

We love spider agave (Agave bracteosa) for its drought tolerance and striking architecture. A great choice for hot, dry climates and a fine container specimen elsewhere.

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Four Years Later . . .

Last weekend we celebrated my daughter’s second birthday. She has grown and developed so much. I cannot say the same for my four-year-old living stones (Lithops spp.), which I started from seed!


Virtues: Very drought tolerant. Large spring flowers. Attracts butterflies and moths. Common name: Soapweed Botanical name: Yucca glauca Flowers: Multiple creamy white or slightly green bell-shaped flowers appear on tall (foot) stalks in late spring. Foliage: Narrow, spiky, to 30 …

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With their hard edges, impeccable form, and extraordinary vigor, agaves add interest and contrast to any garden.

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