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Summersweet clethra alnifolia

This shrub stands out because it blooms in mid- and late summer, with prominent, fluffy spikes of flowers, which are also highly fragrant.

Red Yucca

Virtues: Its long, narrow leaves, held in a thick clump, serve as a fine-textured element in the landscape. Though it has a spiky look, its leaves are flexible and arching, not rigid, so they move in the breeze. They also …

Berries for Birds

Planting berrying shrubs or trees is the quickest way to increase the value of one’s property to wildlife. The natural habitat of the groups suggested here is for the most part open, sunny borders such as along a fence; some …


We love chokeberry (Aronia arbutifolia), a medium-size deciduous shrub, for its delicate spring bloom, long-lasting red berries and bright fall foliage, which makes it a good substitute for invasive burning bush (Euonymus alatus).

dreaming a little dream

I do remember the fun of getting out there early to play Santa, making sure Christmas morning was all the family dreamed it would be. Remembering the letters to Santa, the lists and the anticipation has me wondering what we’d put on our lists now if someone were to fulfill our dreams? Here’s mine…