Great Gardens: Ideas for Smart Gardeners

winter great gardens coverThe winter 2015 issue of Horticulture‘s online magazine, Great Gardens (formerly Gardeners on the Go!), has arrived! Register below for instant access.

Horticulture understands what you want because we, too, are busy gardeners. We created Great Gardens as an online quarterly magazine to feature easy-to-digest advice and inspiration, in contrast to our more in-depth print magazine, Horticulture. Whether you’re just starting to garden or you’re an experienced gardener looking for a few shortcuts, fun ideas and cool plants, we’re sure you’re going to love Great Gardens.

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Here’s just a little of what you’ll find in our winter 2015 issue after you register:

  • Strategies for designing a landscape that will lower your home’s heating and cooling costs
  • Tips on setting up a bird-feeding station and using winter bird watching as a way to inspire garden additions and changes in all seasons
  • Houseplants that can take cool temperatures and drafts
  • Houseplants that stay small and can grace narrow window sills and other tight spaces
  • Household items to repurpose as indoor seed-starting containers and aids
  • And much more!

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