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Flowers, shrubs, trees, veggies, herbs and more, there’s always much to learn about the glorious world of gardening. You may be a life-long gardener who began as a child picking strawberries or snapping beans, or a homeowner planting beautiful flower beds and gardens to create an inviting landscape, or a bit of both. Either way, gardening gives you the opportunities for a lifetime of learning. Check out our favorite gardening books from, the official store of Horticulture.

Featured Pick for February 2011

The Complete Compost Garden GuideThe Complete Compost Gardening Guide
Free yourself from the hidden habit of composting, and bring your compost heap to your garden where it can the most good! In this exciting and encouraging book, the authors show you how to make the most of compost, without being dominated by excessive digging, weeding, mulching and more. You’ll learn the natual Six-Way Compost Garden System, which includes:

  • Selecting a spot close to the garden for your compost pile
  • Identifying compost-rich ingredients you already have on hand
  • Giving “composters” help to do their job
  • Develop the right compost for your garden
“…ingenious new methods for creating healthy gardens.”

Retail: $19.95 | $16.96 | GardenersHub Winter Special: $14.41

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Starting from SeedStarting from Seed
For less than $10 you get valuable insight from a noteworthy panel of seed experts in this superb book. With an easy-to-follow explanation of propagating plants from seed, this beautifully illustrated guide walks you through various aspects of starting edibles and heirloom flowers from seed.

Retail: $9.95| GardenersHub Price: $8.46

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Small-Plot High-Yield GardeningSmall-Plot High-Yield Gardening
Now’s the time to start thinking and planning about turning your available green space, as small as it may be, into a hearty producer of bountiful fruits, vegetables and flowers come spring. With this book you’ll get the low-down on the best natural fertilizers, cultivation methods, pest-repellent plants, raised-bed garden techniques and more.

Retail: $18.00| Price: $15.30

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Mini FarmingMini Farming
Looking for ways to save money and eat healthier? This handy guide to small-area farming shows you how to produce 85% of your food on just a quarter acre. This book empowers you to grow your own, raise your own and be more self-sufficient. Learn to buy, save and start seeds, practice composting, raise backyard chickens, become a pro at canning.

Retail: $16.95| Price: $14.41

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McGee & Stuckey's the Bountiful ContainerMcGee & Stuckey’s the Bountiful Container
If you’re thinking of trying your hand at container gardening McGee & Stuckey’s book is the best place to start! These popular authors cover the basics of choosing the right containers, determining soil type, using fertilizer, starting seeds at the right time, for everything from 21 varieties of beans to strawberries, figs, and even edible flowers including sweet daylilies.

Retail: $17.95 | Price: $15.26

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Hole's Dictionary of Hardy PerennialsHole’s Dictionary of Hardy Perennials
This is the most comprehensive guide to perennials on the market, with entries for over 500 genuses and 6000 different plants! Each entry includes data on height, spread, color, growth habit, flower shape, and much more, enabling you to choose just the right perennials for your garden.

Retail: $39.95| Price: $33.96

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Great Landscape EvergreensGreat Landscape Evergreens
This handy book teaches you how to put your best evergreen forward to create borders, hedges, living fences, and privacy screens, to block out unwanted views. Inside you’ll find more than 80 species – each with plant size, shape, color, light and soil details, and hardiness zones.

Retail: $24.95| Price: $21.21

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