Plants We Love: Shamrock Plant

shamrock plant (oxalis)

Plant name: Shamrock Plant

Botanical name: Oxalis regnellii

Virtues: Houseplant with shamrock-shaped bright green foliage and dainty white flowers on tall, delicate stems. Blooms in late winter/early spring.

Foliage: Triangular leaflets held in threes atop slender stems.

Flower: Five-petaled simple white flowers held in groups of five or six atop slender stems, rising just above foliage.

Habit: Dense with leaves on individual stems. Grows from a rhizome.

Season: Spring

Origin: South America

Cultivation: Bright indirect light; some direct sun OK. Allow soil to dry slightly between waterings. Fertilize with houseplant fertilizer in summer, and place plant in shady location outdoors. Leaves die down in fall; stop watering. Start again in early February to encourage the plant out of dormancy.

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2 thoughts on “Plants We Love: Shamrock Plant

  1. I keep my shamrocks outdoors all season, putting them in a greenhouse with the other tropical plants during the winter, this year we had to get a new greenhouse but when the first one arrived it was the wrong size so we are waiting for the correct one to get here…meanwhile it is getting very cold and will fall below freezing tonite…I have no room to bring in this giant pot of shamrocks…will they survive? What can I do?

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