Plants We Love: Salvia Black & Blue

Salvia 'Black & Blue'Plant name: ‘Black & Blue’ salvia

Botanical name: Salvia guaranitica ‘Black & Blue’

Virtues: Amazing blue flower color; attractive to butterflies and hummingbirds; undemanding.

Flowers: Numerous beak-like electric blue flowers line upright black stems. The flowers open from black buds and have black sepals just below the petals. The black stems set off the blue flowers very well. Blooms the whole summer into autumn.

Foliage: Vivid green. They emit a very light anise scent when brushed.

Habit: Upright and bushy to 2 to 5 feet.

Season: Summer.

Cultivation: Grow in average soil in full sun to part shade. Tolerates drought once it gets established. Tolerates heat and humidity. Deadhead to encourage more flowers. Grown as an annual outside of Zones 8 to 10. Can be wintered indoors in a bright and cool room elsewhere.

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Image courtesy of Missouri Botanical Garden PlantFinder


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