Rosa ‘Wild Thing’

Plant name: Rosa ‘Wild Thing’

Virtues: No-maintenance, disease resistant rose that can literally be grown by anyone. ‘Wild Thing’ has large clusters of bright hot pink blooms that mix well with any other perennial. Also, it continually blooms from spring all the way through fall.

Bloom color: Hot pink with bright yellow stamens.

Leaf/Foliage: Foliage is dark green, very glossy, and extremely healthy.

Goes great with: Any type of informal mixed perennial bed or mass planting.

Habit: Vigorous, well branched, and arching.

Season: Spring, summer, and fall. Also, orange hips provide late fall/winter color.

Suggested by: Keith Zary. Jackson & Perkins Rose Breeder (

Where does it come from: ‘Wild Thing’ is a hybrid shrub rose bred from the pink groundcover variety ‘Footloose’ and an unnamed seedling, which is a red, sprawling shrub. The cross was made in 1997 in Somis (Ventura County), California and was bred by Dr. Keith Zary. You can find ‘Wild Thing’ at any local garden center that sells Jackson & Perkins roses.

Tips: No need to spray. This disease resistant, ever-blooming shrub performs beautifully with almost no care, especially in regions with cool nights and cold winters. Make sure you give it plenty of room. As its name suggests, it’s wild. USDA hardiness zones 4-9.

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