Rhododendron ‘Landmark’

Plant name: Rhododendron ‘Landmark’

Virtues: Hardy to USDA Zone 5 or colder, an uncommon flower color in early May, blooms well even as a young plant, good winter foliage retention, and suitable as a specimen or background plant.

Flower color: Near-red, very heavy flowering, even as a small plant.

Leaf/Foliage: Green in spring and summer, turning bronze-mahogany in winter.

Goes great with: Dwarf and regular conifers, large-leaf rhododendrons and other broadleaf evergreens, yellow foliage plants, grasses and perennials, and other early rhododendrons. ‘Landmark’ also makes a strikingly distinctive hedge.

Habit: Fast growing, wide, and upright. Should be sheared to maintain form when young. Grows to 10 feet high and 6 feet wide in 15 years, if left alone. Tolerates pruning and shearing well, especially right after it finishes flowering in late May or June.

Season: Brilliant reddish flowers in early May, rich green shiny foliage all summer, glossy dark bronze-mahogany leaves all winter.

Suggested by: Wayne Mezzitt at Weston Nurseries.

Where does it come from: Hybridized by Ed and Wayne Mezitt in 1985 at Weston Nurseries in Hopkinton, MA. It is a cross with parentage including Rh ‘PJM’ and other more early Rhododendrons that are cold tolerant.

Tips: Tolerates light shade, but best in full sun, even windy, exposed locations. Needs acid soil, good drainage, and best in humusy soil with plenty of space to grow and be seen. Avoid planting in an area where water sits on the ground after rain, or in deep shade. Zones 5 to 9.

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One thought on “Rhododendron ‘Landmark’

  1. 2 comments: 1) ‘almost red’ is really dark pink,going toward the blue, not the orange, shades. 2) NO ONE should EVER shear a Rhodo! They could be pruned (with hand-held bypass pruners)to a uniform shape, if one is determined to ruin the natural, lovely form of the plant. Even small-leaf plants like boxwood and Japanese holly are much better clipped than sheared, since shearing cuts through the leaves, and those cut edges turn brown, ruining the appearance of the plant. The only thing I use my electric pruning shears for is to cut down my ornamental grasses in early spring.

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