Purple Potato Vine Flora Mia Nero

purple potato vine flora mia neroVirtues: ‘Flora Mia Nero’ is a purple-leaved potato vine perfect for adding depth and drama to your container plantings. This variety is also a strong bloomer and it was touted in the Kansas State University Prairie Star Flowers Trials as being less aggressive than other potato vines.

Common name: ‘Flora Mia Nero’ potato vine

Botanical name: Ipomoea ‘Flora Mia Nero’

Exposure: Full to part sun

Season: Spring to fall, for foliage, with summer flowers a bonus

Flowers: Light purple and trumpet shaped, with purple-pink throats

Foliage: Dark purple leaves reminiscent of a maple in shape. These leaves are smaller than the typical potato vine, but they densely cover the plant.

Habit: This purple potato vine keeps a compact shape, mounding to 8 to 12 inches tall with a 12- to 18-inch spread.

How to grow ‘Flora Mia Nero’ potato vine: Provide well-draining soil and regular moisture. Site in full or part sun, though more sun will promote the best foliage color and flowering. This purple potato vine works well in a container, hanging basket or window box, thanks to its mounding/trailing habit. It is less aggressive than other ipomoea, making it suitable to mixed containers; it will not choke out its companions.

Image courtesy of Prairie Star Flowers

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