New Seeds for 2009

Here are some of the new varieties of seed being put into the market by major plant breeders for the 2009 growing season. Visit their websites for descriptions of more new seeds.

Carnival Blend organic carrot — mix of purple, red, yellow and orange carrots that are tasty, nutritious and a hit with kids.

‘Summer Showers’ goldenrod — a late-blooming must for the butterfly garden.

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Sweet Seedless hybrid tomato — world’s first seedless tomato. Sweet taste and firm texture. Ready to pick in 68 days from sowing.

Echinacea Paradiso Mix — blend of pink, purple, yellow and all in-between shades. Perennial to 30 inches. Zones 4–9.

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Lettuce ‘Santoro’ — green butterhead with a mild but rich flavor. Good disease resistance and lack of bolting in summer. Each head makes a few salads.

Patty’s Striped beefsteak tomato — an improvement on the heirloom ‘Big Rainbow’, with higher yields, larger, more colorful fruits and better flavor.

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Blackcurrant Swirl datura — Very fragrant purple and white double blooms on this angel’s trumpet.

Explosive Ember ornamental pepper — Very bright fruit and standout purple leaves.

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‘White Ice’ lavender — 12 to 14 inch plants are perfect for containers or the front of the border. White flowers have a sweet lavender scent. Frost hardy to Zone 5, or to Zone 4 with protection.

Ruby & Emerald Duet container lettuce — green butterhead and red mini leaf lettuce pair together beautifully (and tastily) in containers or in the ground.

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