Isotoma fluviatilis

Plant name: Isotoma fluviatilis (formerly known as Laurentia fluviatilis)

Virtues: Blue star creeper is a fast-growing prolific bloomer, which can take heavy foot traffic. It is an excellent lawn substitution and perfect for pathways, rock walls, and topiaries.

Bloom color: Light blue.

Leaf / Foliage: Light green.

Goes great with: Looks excellent around taller perennials, shrubs, and trees. There is not a plant that would not be a good complement for this creeper.

Habit: Fast-growing creeper.

Season: Spring, summer, and fall.

Suggested by: Frances Hopkins, president and chief executive officer of Stepables® (

Where does it come from / origin: Australia, New Zealand.

Tips: Blue star creeper grows well in sun, part sun, or part shade, depending on the region. USDA hardiness zones 5-9.

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