Hibiscus moscheutos

Plant name: Hibiscus moscheutos Vintage Hardy Hibiscus

Virtues: This series has more flowers and the plants are more compact. They are also bushier than older Hibiscus moscheutos varieties, and have uniform growth habits.

Two distinct series are Splash and Carafe, which are differentiated by their size at maturity. Splash varieties (Pinot Noir, Pinot Grigio) are the shortest, most compact varieties ever bred. Dinner plate-size flowers bloom on plants that average two feet tall. Carafe varieties (Bordeaux, Grenache, Chablis) are a bit taller, averaging three feet in height.

Bloom color: The Vintage hibiscus come in red, white, pink, or blush.

Leaf/Foliage: Rich green, ovate to lance-shaped, with attractive toothed edges.

Goes great with: It is a standout in the perennial landscape, and in containers with many annuals, including verbena, scaevola, bacopa, coleus, and artemisis.

Habit: Their compact habit makes them ideal for containers or landscape use.

Season: Bloom during July and August.

Suggested by: Christine Kelleher, Yoder Brothers, Inc.

Where does it come from: The first Yoder-bred perennials.

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