For Great Colorful Garden Foliage Try Golden Hop Vine

golden hop vineVirtues: We love golden hop vine for its spectacular golden-yellow maple-like leaves that often transform in color later in the season into a vivid lime green. These intriguing plants energetically climb walls, fences and trellises, creating breathtaking displays of vibrant color. In fall, small, aromatic funnel-like green flowers bloom in clusters with the female blossoms revealing the hops, often used in beers to add a little spicy flavor.

Common name: Golden hop vine

Botanical name: Humulus lupulus ‘Aureus’

Flowers: Tiny clusters of fragrant cone-shaped flowers blossom in fall. The female blooms are commonly dried and used to intensify beers with a strong yet crisp taste.

Foliage: Throughout spring and fall large, palmate, vivaciously golden leaves fill thin, twining stems and quickly cover a large amount of area with lively splendor. With time, the radiant yellowish-bronze leaves may change into a striking hue of bright green.

Habit: With a fast-growing, coiling habit, these hoppy perennials grow 15-25 feet in height with a 3-6 feet spread. They aren’t as vigorous as the straight species, a welcome fact for many gardeners when it comes to vines.

Season: These gorgeous climbers provide an alluring charm throughout spring, summer and fall.

Origin: Cultivar of a species native to Europe and western Asia, North America

How to grow Humulus lupulus ‘Aureus’: Golden hop vines thrive in rich, moist well-drained soil with regular watering. For optimal leaf color, keep that soil moist! These charming vines are most successful in full sun to part shade. USDA Zones 4-8.

Image: GnomicScience
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  1. Beware! Do not plant this in a border with other plants and shrubs. It will spread all over the place and there is no way that you can dig it out to get rid of it. This is the voice of experience. It is a wonderful, gorgeous vine in the right place, which is where it is isolated and can be mowed around, if necessary.

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