Chrysothemis pulchella Iris ‘Roaring Jelly’

Plant name: Chrysothemis pulchella Iris ‘Roaring Jelly’

Virtues: The striking and unusual coloring, extraordinary vigor, and repeat blooming. In addition, ‘Roaring Jelly’ is easy to grow and has attractive foliage all season.

Flower color: Bi-tone of bright raspberry and lavender.

Leaf/Foliage: Blades of blue-green.

Goes great with: White peonies.

Habit: Clumping. Reblooms after a two-week break.

Season: Late spring and early summer

Suggested by: Jan Sacks and Marty Schafer of Joe Pye Weed’s Garden.

Advanced man-made hybrid of two Eurasian species.

Tips: The more sun, the more bloom you will get. Give it plenty of room, as it is a rapid increaser. Zones 3 to 9.

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