Chrysocephalum apiculatum

Plant name: Flambe Series (Flambe Yellow and Flambe Orange) Chrysocephalum apiculatum

Virtues: Drought tolerant, heat tolerant, sandy soil tolerant, frost tolerant to 30°F with minimal damage, so good for extending season both in spring and in fall. Somewhat salt tolerant as well.

Flower: Bright yellow and golden orange color flowers.

Leaf/Foliage: Flambe Yellow has bright silver foliage similar to dusty
miller. Flambe Orange has silver green foliage, which is still a great contrast to the flowers, but not as silver as Flambe Yellow.

Goes great with: Coleus Royal Glissade, Phlox Intensia, Calibrachoa Superbells, and any annuals or perennials where silver foliage can act as an accent. Best in bright full sun conditions.

Habit: Both are low mounding cultivars, although orange is slightly more prostrate.

Season: Spring through fall.

Suggested by: Rick Schoellhorn, director of new products at Proven Winners
L.L.C. (

Where does it come from: Tasmania and Australia

Tips: Like all Chrysocephalum and Helichrysum these plants love full hot sun and good air circulation, making them excellent mixed container and hanging basket plants. The innovation here is that you get both attractive foliage and flowers on one plant. Grow in full sun and avoid shady situations. Regular fertilizing is fine, but once established this genus is extremely tough. USDA hardiness zones 8-10.

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