Beesia deltophylla

Plant Name: Beesia deltophylla

Virtues: Excellent evergreen ground cover with exceptional shiny, heart-shaped leaves. It is a fuss-free filler for under story open spaces.

Bloom color: Flowers are delicate and appear in late summer. Very slender spikes up to one foot tall carry very small white to near white flowers.

Leaf/Foliage: Very glossy, leathery green, heart-shaped, borne in low-growing rosettes, and grow up to four by five inches. Leaves are tough and flat, held by petioles blushed purplish-brown, up to 10 inches long. Leaves are beautifully veined, framed with a softly toothed and delicately scalloped margin.

Goes great with: Provides a long-lasting background to ephemeral spring-blooming plants such as cyclamens, corydalis, and orchids. Goes well with more vertical and upright-growing plants such as ferns, Jack-in-the-pulpit (Arisaemas spp. ), and toad lilies (Tricyrtis spp. ).

Habit: It is a perennial herb with low rosettes of leaves, up to around one foot tall, spreading to 18 inches wide.

Season: Leaves are attractive for most of the year when sheltered from direct sun.

Suggested by: Heronswood Nursery

Where does it come from: Heronswood plants are from a collection in Sichuan province, China made in 1998.

Tips: Beesia deltophylla is easy to grow and tolerant of various soil types, but prefers well-draining, moist soils. Grow in shade; burns in direct sun. USDA hardiness zone 6.

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