‘Arizona Apricot’ blanketflower

PLANTS WE LOVEA unique blend of orange and yellow petals with a daisy-like center.

Virtues: We love ‘Arizona Apricot’ for its unique apricot color, a blend of soft yellow and orange petals.  An All-America Selections winner for 2012, it boasts continuous blooms, hardiness and a high heat tolerance. Apricot’ is an excellent choice for full sun and poor soil sites.

Common name: Blanketflower

Botanical name: Gaillardia xgrandiflora

Foliage: Dark green

Habit: Compact, 12 inches tall at maturity.

Season: Blooms heavily from early summer through autumn

Origin: Native Cultivar

Cultivation: Little maintenance and drought tolerant. Deadheading will encourage continuous blooming.  Zones 2-10.

Image Credit: Public Domain


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