Anemonella thalictroides

Plant name: Anemonella thalictroides

Virtues: Easy culture in well drained soils and part shade. Looks delicate but are quite durable. It is a native perennial.

Bloom color: Pure white, sometimes tinged with pink. Have six to eight petals on a single flower.

Leaf/Foliage: Delicate anemone-like blue-green foliage.

Goes great with: Spring bulbs as an under planting around woodland shrubs or trees, edging pathways, around rocks and with bold leaved foliage that will contrast with its fine texture.

Habit: Forms a neat clump from four to eight inches tall and up to 15 inches wide, depending on the climate it is planted in.

Season: Blooms in April or May for several weeks, depending on the area planted, and foliage persist through most of the summer unless it dries out or is very hot.

Suggested by: Leslie van Berkum, Van Berkum Nursery, Deerfield N.H.

Where does it come from: Native to deciduous forests from New Hampshire to the Midwest and as far south as Florida. Loves rocky woods, ridges and uplands. Comes from Ranunculaceae family. Very closely related to the genus Thalictrum anemonella meaning “small windflower” in Greek.

Tips: Plant with later emerging perennials, especially groundcovers, which will cover the areas left if the Anemonella goes dormant. There are many different forms and varieties being offered, including pink, double forms and named cultivars. Needs good drainage, and a couple of hours of sun each day, to do its best. Give it a light application of limestone every two to three years.

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