Flowers & Vegetables for 2002

IN THE VEGETABLE GARDEN, it was the year of the tomato. There are many new and improved tomato varieties on the market—some are heirlooms that are being reintroduced, others are new hybrids. This year’s offerings range from a tomato bred to be especially high in lycopene, a chemical thought to help prevent heart disease and certain cancers, to a tomato from Ukraine in the shape of a pear. Outside the vegetable garden, of course, there are scores of new annuals, perennials, trees, and shrubs. On the following pages, we’re sure you’ll find delights to tempt even the most experienced gardeners.


BASIL ‘MAGICAL MICHAEL’ A green sweet basil with basal branching and excellent symmetry. All-America Selections [AAS] Winner. Johnny’s Selected Seeds. PanAmerican Seed Co.

BUSH BEAN ‘BABY BOP’ A gourmet bean with uniform, medium green pods only 4 inches long. Excellent disease resistance. 51 days. Vermont Bean Seed Co.

POLE ROMANO BEAN ‘HELDA’ European-bred, white-seeded Romano pole bean with 9-inch pods. 58 days. J.W. Jung Seed Co., Vermont Bean Seed Co.

BEET ‘CARILLON’ Carrot-shaped roots, 4 to 6 inches long and 1 inch in diameter. Highest-yielding beet on a square-foot basis. 60 days. The Cook’s Garden

BROCCOLI ‘WOK BROCC’ The first annual purple-sprouting broccoli is ideal for stir-fries. 100 days. Thompson & Morgan

CARROT ‘SUNSHINE BLEND’ A mix of two Dutch varieties, sunny yellow ‘Yellowstone’ and orange ‘Forto Nantes’, yields uniform, cylindrical roots 8 inches long. 88 days. Renee’s Garden

ORNAMENTAL CORN ‘EARTHTONES’ An heirloom dent corn, also known as ‘Indian Summer’. Kernels in muted pinks, blues, and greens, 90 days. J.W. Jung Seed Co.

SWEET CORN ‘CLOUD 9 TSW’ This sugar-enhanced variety has 8-inch ears filled with 16 to 18 rows of pearly white kernels. 77 days. Vermont Bean Seed Co.

CUCUMBER ‘DIVA’ Beit alpha-type cucumber produces only female flowers. Sweet and nonbitter flesh. AAS Winner. 58 days. Johnny’s Selected Seeds, Pinetree Garden Seeds

EGGPLANT ‘CRESCENT MOON HYBRID’ Narrow white fruits, 7 inches long, on robust plants. 62 days. W. Atlee Burpee & Co.

EGGPLANT ‘ROSITA’ Lovely pink-lavender skin and white flesh characterize these 8- to 9-inch-long, 4-inch-diameter fruits. 75 days. Tomato Growers Supply

LETTUCE ‘CLAREMONT’ A mini green romaine with upright, dense, crispy heads. 46 days. Johnny’s Selected Seeds

LETTUCE ‘HYPER RED RUMPLE’ Loose-leaf variety with deeply savoyed. plum-colored leaves. 50 days. Territorial Seed Company

LETTUCE ‘SPARTA’ A red iceberg lettuce with tightly packed heads, deep burgundy on the exterior, pale green on the interior. 52 days. The Cook’s Garden

CANARY MELON ‘SUGAR NUT’ This South American variety produces 2-pound fruits with yellow rinds and crispy, sweet, white flesh. 80 days. J.W. Jung Seed Co.

ORIENTAL GREEN ‘SENPOSAI’ This Chinese mustard resembles collard greens but with the texture of lettuce. Heat resistant and frost hardy. 30 days. W. Atlee Burpee & Co.

PEA ‘DUAL’ With two pods per node and 10 to 14 peas per pod. this variety is prolific. 66 days. J.W. Jung Seed Co., Vermont Bean Seed Co.

PEA ‘GARDEN SWEET’ Super-sweet garden pea offers 24 percent more sugar than other peas. Vines 3 to 4 feet tall. 70 days. W. Atlee Burpee & Co.

PEPPER ‘ROUND OF HUNGARY’ Pumpkin shaped, pimento-style peppers with thick, extra-sweet flesh. 75 days. Johnny’s Selected Seeds

PEPPER ‘SUPER HEAVYWEIGHT’ Perfect bragging pepper. These enormous bells make great giant stuffed peppers. 77 days. J.W. Jung Seed Co., Totally Tomatoes

HOT PEPPER ‘LITTLE NUBIAN’ Heirloom with purple-black foliage on 2-foot plants. 1 1/2-inch-long black peppers have hot, smoky flesh. 95 days. Underwood Gardens

ORNAMENTAL PEPPER ‘CHILLY CHILI’ A nonpungent ornamental pepper. Two-inch fruits are held upright above the foliage and ripen from yellow to orange to red. AAS Winner. Tomato Growers Supply

PUMPKIN ‘ORANGE SMOOTHIE’ Five- to 8-pound pumpkins with almost smooth skin and long stems. Four- to 5-foot vines. AAS Winner. 90 days. Johnny’s Selected Seeds, Pinetree Garden Seeds. Territorial Seed Co.

PUMPKIN ‘SORCERER’ Fifteen- to 20-pound fruits on 10-foot vines. Perfect for carving and pies. AAS Winner. 100 days. Vermont Bean Seed Co.

RADICCHIO ‘INDIGO’ Dutch variety with tight, round, purple-red heads with white veins. 75 days. The Cook’s Garden

SAGE ‘MILDRED FAYE’S RAINBOW SAGE’ Broad purple-green leaves with a wash of cream, rose, and lilac. Perennial in USDA Zones 6-9. Nichols Garden Nursery

SPINACH ‘WHALE’ Smooth-leaved variety with excellent resistance to downy mildew. For both spring and fall planting. 37 days. Johnny’s Selected Seeds

SUMMER SQUASH ‘SUPER ZUKE HYBRID’ Zucchini that remains tender and tasty when up to a foot long and 3 inches in diameter. 55 days. W. Atlee Burpee & Co.

WINTER SQUASH ‘CORNELL’S BUSH DELICATA’ First variety with bush habit. Creamy white-skinned green-striped fruit has sweet, nutty flavor. 80 days. AAS Winner. The Cook’s Garden. Territonal Seed Co., Johnny’s Selected Seeds

SWISS CHARD ‘OREA’ Dark green leaves with golden yellow stems. 48 days. W. Atlee Burpee & Co.

TOMATO ‘CHIANTI ROSE’ This beefsteak variety is a cross between ‘Brandywine’ and ‘Red Rose’. Big, deep rose-red tomatoes with thin skins. Indeterminate vines with potato-leaf foliage. 75 days. Renee’s Garden

TOMATO ‘HEALTHKICK’ Hybrid saladette tomato with 50 percent more lycopene than other tomatoes. Four-ounce fruits on 4-foot plants. Determinate. 72 days. J.W. Jung Seed Co., Tomato Growers Supply Co., Totally Tomatoes

TOMATO ‘LUCKY LEPRECHAUN’ Irish heirloom from the early 1900s with golf-ball-size, bright red fruit. Two- to 3-foot plants. Determinate. 75 days. Heirloom Seeds

TOMATO ‘POLISH LINGUISA’ 19th-century heirloom paste tomato. Seven- to 10-ounce fruits. Indeterminate. 73 days, Tomato Growers Supply Co., Totally Tomatoes

TOMATO ‘SOLAR SET R’ This hybrid sets fruit well, even in high temperatures. Eight- to 10-ounce, full-flavored fruits. Determinate. 73 days. Totally Tomatoes

TOMATO ‘SUNGELLA’ Cross between ‘Sungold’ and a larger-fruited, orange heirloom variety. Indeterminate. 100 days. Thompson & Morgan

TOMATO ‘UKRAINIAN PEAR’ Heirloom variety from Yalta in Ukraine. Unusual pink to purple tomatoes that average 8 ounces and resemble the form of a ‘D’Anjou’ pear. Indeterminate. 80 days. Tomato Growers Supply Co.

WATERMELON ‘LEMON ICE’ Yellow-fleshed, seedless variety. Globe-shaped fruits reach up to 15 pounds. Vines spread 6 to 8 feet. 80 days. Park Seed


CHRYSANTHEMUM ‘GLENDA’ A vivid ruby-red mum that keeps its color well into October. Yoder Brothers

CLEOME ‘SPARKLER BLUSH’ Dwarf cleome reaches 14 to 18 inches. AAS Winner. Johnny’s Selected Seeds. Pinetree Seeds. Seymour’s Selected Seeds, Vermont Bean Seed Co.

CLITORIA ‘WHITE LADY’ Flowering climber rarely found in the U.S. Giant, double pealike flowers are white with a yellow eye. Twelve- to 24-inch vines. Vermont Bean Seed Co.

COLEUS ‘STAINED GLASSWORKS’ This 12-variety series of coleus hybrids includes foliage colors that range from bright green and butter yellow to black, and vibrant red. Great for mixed containers. The Flower Fields

DATURA ‘GOLDILOCKS’ A dwarf datura with pleated primrose-yellow double flowers. Great for containers. Perennial in parts of the South. J.W. Jung Seed Co.

DIASCIA ‘RED ACE’ An abundance of dark rose-pink flowers: a great candidate for hanging baskets or ground cover. Grows 6 to 7 inches tall, spreads 16 inches. Proven Winners

IMPATIENS ‘FIESTA’ Double impatiens come in 8 new colors for 2002, including blush, cherry, deep orange, salmon, and stardust pink. Ball Seed

LARKSPUR ‘SUBLIME SERIES’ Wide color palette of imperial-type larkspur includes white. dark and pale pink, dark blue, salmon, carmine. lilac, and azure. Branching habit. Plant in fall. Johnny’s Selected Seeds

NASTURTIUM ‘GOLDEN LEAF’ This 1932 heirloom nasturtium is a vigorous, bushy plant with dark mahogany-red flowers and bright yellow to chartreuse foliage. Franklin Hill

PANSY ‘ULTIMO MORPHO’ This pansy has a unique pastel bicolor design: upper petals are mid-blue with bright yellow lower petals. Named for the morpho butterfly. AAS Winner. Johnny’s Selected Seeds

PELARGONIUM ‘BLACK MAGIC ROSE’ This plant’s dark chocolate foliage with a green edge contrasts nicely with the bright rose flowers. AAS Winner. Johnny’s Selected Seeds

PETUNIA ‘LAVENDER WAVE’ This pale purple petunia can spread up to 4 feet. Prolific blooms require no maintenance. AAS Winner. Vermont Bean Seed Co., W. Atlee Burpee & Co., PanAmerican Seed

PETUNIA ‘RAMBLIN’ BURGUNDY CHROME’ This free-flowering petunia doesn’t require deadheading. Eight to 10 inches tall, spreads to 2 feet. Johnny’s Selected Seeds

PETUNIA ‘TIDAL WAVE SILVER’ A distinctive bicolor flower, silvery white with deep purple center. AAS Winner. Pinetree Seeds, Seymour’s Selected Seeds. Vermont Bean Seed Co., W. Atlee Burpee & Co.

POPPY ‘PEONY MIX’ Brightly colored. huge, fully double blooms make these poppies stand out. Mix includes pink, salmon, white, black and ‘Flemish Antique’. Two to 4 feet tall. Park Seed

SANVITALIA SPECIOSA ‘SUNBINI’ Yellow. star-shaped flowers cover this heat-loving plant from early spring to summer. Much more compact than previous sanvitalias. it grows 10 to 12 inches tall. Proven Winners

SCAEVOLA ‘JACOB’S WHITE’ An Australian native from the Outback Plant Program, this white scaevola flowers summer through fall. The Flower Fields

SUNFLOWER ‘DOUBLE DANDY’ A deep wine-red sunflower with a black center. Excellent for cutting. Flowers are 4 to 5 inches on an 18- to 24-inch plant. W. Atlee Burpee & Co.

SUNFLOWER ‘JADE’ Unique lime-green blossoms with light brown centers. Four- to 5-inch blossoms on branching plants that grow to 4 to 5 feet tall. W. Atlee Burpee & Co.

SWEET PEA ‘APRIL IN PARIS’ A sweet pea with lovely fragrance. Large, ruffled blossoms are cream with dark lilac edges. Wonderful for bouquets. Renee’s Garden


ANTHEMIS ‘SUSANNA MITCHELL’ A robust chamomile with a profusion of 1 1/2-inch flowers and silvery, fernlike foliage. Zones 3-7. Blooms of Bressingham

ATHYRIUM ANGUSTUM ‘LADY IN RED’ Vibrant burgundy stems run throughout this fern. 36 inches tall. Zone 3. Roslyn Nursery

BAPTISIA ‘CAROLINA MOONLIGHT’ Soft yellow flower spikes rise high over grayish green trifoliate leaves in April and May. Zones 4-9. Niche Gardens, Plant Delights Nursery. Wayside Gardens

BRUNNERA MACROPHYLLA ‘JACK FROST’ Heart-shaped, frosty silver foliage and forgetme-not blue flowers. Shade-loving and good as groundcover. Zones 3-7. Busse Gardens. Plant Delights, Roots & Rhizomes, Wayside Gardens, White Flower Farm

CAMPANULA PERSICIFOLIA ‘KELLY’S GOLD’ Forms rosettes of bright golden foliage year round, with white bell flowers in June and July. Zones 5-9. Roslyn Nursery

COREOPSIS GRANDIFLORA ‘CALYPSO’ Variegated green foliage with cream margins. Yellow flowers with a ring of red framing a large yellow center. Blooms May to August. Zones 4-9. J.W. Jung Seed Co.

CORYDALIS CURVIFLORA VAR. ROSTHORNII DJHC687 A lovely sapphire-blue flower with bluish green foliage. Zones 5-8. Heronswood Nursery

DEINANTHE BIFIDA ‘PINK KII’ An herbaceous, hydrangealike plant from Japan. Glossy leaves and white flowers with pink sepals. Zones 4-9. Heronswood Nursery

DIANTHUS BARBATUS ‘HEART ATTACK’ Brilliant red-black carnation flowers contrast with the glossy, straplike green foliage. Zones 4-8. Plant Delights Nursery

DIANTHUS ‘DEVON COTTAGE’ This revived hybrid mix from the U.K. has huge blooms in pink, white, peach, and crimson. Hardy to 0°F. Proven Selections

ECHINACEA PURPUREA ‘KIM’S MOP HEAD’ A dwarf coneflower with white flowers grows just 12-15 inches tall. Zones 4-8. Busse Gardens, Sunny Border Nurseries

GERANIUM ‘KAHLUA’ Small, dark chocolate-brown leaves with small pink-flushed flowers from May to August. Zones 5-8. Roots & Rhizomes

HELLEBORUS ‘MRS. BETTY RANICAR’ Plush double white blooms stand out on this rare hellebore. Bred by and named after an innovative plantswoman from Tasmania. True from seed; reaches its prime 2-3 years from sowing. Zones 4-8. Thompson & Morgan

HEMEROCALLIS ‘NAGANO’ A fiery red, double tetraploid daylily. 5 1/2-inch flowers can take hot sun, open early in the morning, and stay open late. Named for the site of the 1998 Olympics. Zones 5-9. Louisiana Nursery

HIBISCUS ‘RED FLYER’ A massive hibiscus hybrid with red flowers a foot across. Eight to 9 feet tall. Zones 6-10. Plant Delights Nursery

HOSTA ‘CAROLINA SUNSHINE’ Long, glossy, dark green leaves surrounded by a wide, butterscotch-yellow border. Holds its color well all season. Has medium lavender flowers in July. Zones 3-8. Plant Delights Nursery

HOSTA ‘QUEEN OF HEARTS’ A large to extra-large hosta with medium to dark green leaves with wide, irregular, creamy white margins. Near-white flowers in late June and early July. Zones 3-9. Savory’s Gardens

HOSTA ‘TOUCH OF CLASS’ Intense blue leaves with a gold flame in the center. Lavender flowers in late summer. Zones 3-8. Shady Oaks Nursery. Plant Delights Nursery

IRIS ‘COVER PAGE’ A tall bearded iris has deep reddish blossoms with black-maroon accents and ruffled, lacy edges. Zones 3-9. Bay View Gardens

IRIS ‘GOLD EXCHANGE’ Ruffled, golden yellow flowers with golden orange beards grace this tall bearded iris. Zones 3-9. Comanche Acres Iris Gardens

IRIS ‘PRESBY’S CROWN JEWEL’ Named for the Presby Memorial Iris Display Gardens in Upper Montclair. N.J., this pure white bearded iris has dark blue-violet edges. Blooms early. Zones 3-9. Schreiner’s Iris Gardens

KNIPHOFIA UVARIA ‘CANDLELIGHT’ A repeat-blooming hybrid that produces cream-colored blossoms from spring until fall. Zones 6-9. Plants by Mail

LAVANDULA STOECHAS ‘PUKEHOU’ This New Zealand-bred lavender has aromatic silver-green foliage and purple-pink flowers distinguished by a long flowering period. Zones 7-9. Nichols Garden Nursery, Siskiyou Greenhouses

LILIUM ‘SILK ROAD’ A fragrant hybrid lily that has 8- to 10-inch, bright white flowers with deep crimson-rose throats. Stems reach 6 feet tall. Limited quantities. Zones 4-9. Wayside Gardens

LUPINUS ‘TUTTI FRUTTI’ The fastest-blooming lupine from seed, this colorful mix produces large, strong flower spikes. Zones 5-8. Thompson & Morgan

NYMPHAEA ‘MIAMI ROSE’ Raspberry-red flowers with more than 50 petals and mottled foliage. Spreads 4 to 6 square feet when mature. Zone 10. Lilypons Water Gardens

PENNISETUM ALOPECUROIDES ‘LITTLE RICHIE’ Bright yellow stems and a chartreuse-yellow inflorescence characterize this grass. Grows 10-12 inches tall. Zones 5-8. Sunny Border Nurseries

PENSTEMON MENSARUM Glossy, deep green leaves and sturdy 15-inch spikes of intensely cobalt flowers. Zones 5-9. High Country Gardens

PHLOX PANICULATA ‘RUBYMINE’ Rose-red flowers. Blue-green variegated foliage is mildew-resistant. Grows to 32 inches. Zones 4-8. J.W. Jung Seed Co.

PULMONARIA ‘BUBBLE GUM’ Unusual true pink flowers not found in other pulmonarias. Silvered foliage. Zones 4-9. Terra Nova Nurseries

RUDBECKIA HIRTA ‘CHEROKEE SUNSET’ A mix with rich shades of gold, orange, and mahogany. Three- to 4 1/2-inch blooms are fully double to semidouble. AAS Winner. Pinetree Seeds. Seymour’s Selected Seeds, Vermont Bean Seed Co., Thompson & Morgan

SALVIA DAGHISTANICA This dwarf silver-leaved sage has rough-textured leaves and 8- to 10-inch-tall spikes with clear blue flowers. Best in hot, full sun. Zones 5-8. High Country Gardens

TIARELLA ‘PINK SKYROCKET’ Lovely pink flowers held high above well-cut foliage. Zones 4-9. Terra Nova Nurseries

VINCA ‘JAIO SCARLET EYE’ Rose-scarlet blooms wth a small white eye are produced continuously throughout the season. Flowers a week earlier than other red or scarlet vincas. AAS Winner. Park Seed Co., J.W. Jung Seed Co., R.H. Shumway


ABELIA GRANDIFLORA ‘GOLD DUST’ Beautiful gold-variegated foliage in the spring that turns to medium green with rich pink highlights in summer. Grows to 4 by 4 feet. Zones 6-9. Plants by Mail

CLEMATIS SP. DJHC 795 This durable vine produces waxy bells of soft yellow flowers and silky heads of fruit for a stunning effect. Vines up to 10 feet. Zones 5-10. Heronswood Nursery

CORNUS KOUSA ‘BLOND LUSTER’ A yellow-leaved Chinese dogwood. Grows 10-15 feet tall with white blooms in June and July. Zones 5-9. Roslyn Nursery

HEDERA ‘TEARDROP’ Selected as Ivy of the Year by the American Ivy Society. Has dark green, teardrop-shaped leaves with conspicuous pale green veins. Self-branching and easy to grow in a container. Zones 6-10. Hedera, Etc.

PAEONIA ‘YU JIN IN A RED DRESS’ A tree peony with medium pink, 9-inch flowers with ruffled edges and red flares. Flowers are fragrant and semidouble. Cricket Hill Garden

ROSA ‘BLYTHE SPIRIT’ Soft yellow English rose has small, cup-shaped petals. Great disease resistance. Zones 5-9. David Austin Roses

ROSA ‘GUINEVERE’ A fragrant, compact plant with 3 1/2- to 4-inch, cream-colored blooms. It has a rounded, spreading habit and a lovely, old-fashioned look. Grows to 3 feet. Zones 4-9. Jackson & Perkins

ROSA ‘LOVE AND PEACE’ This AARS Winner for 2002 is a lovely golden yellow with carmine-pink petal margins. It grows 4 to 5 feet tall. Zones 6-10. Bailey Nurseries

ROSA ‘NOALA’ The latest addition to the Flower Carpet series is a coral-pink groundcover rose. Easy to care for: produces masses of blooms on bushy plants 24 to 32 inches high. Zone 5-10. Anthony Tesselaar International

ROSA ‘OUTTA THE BLUE’ A rose-clove fragrance, along with magentas, yellows, lavender, and wine tones – all on one plant. Vigorous 3- to 4-foot plants have large double blooms. Zones 4-9. Weeks Roses, J.W. Jung Seed Co.

ROSA ‘SIMPLY MARVELOUS!’ Jackson & Perkins’ Floribunda of the Year has large clusters of 3 1/2-inch lavender flowers with a moderate damask fragrance. Grows 3 1/2 feet tall. Zones 4-9. Jackson & Perkins

ROSA ‘STARRY NIGHT’ A 2002 AARS Winner, this bushy, spreading rose has pure white single flowers. No fragrance. Great for containers, borders, and ground cover. Zones 4-9. Edmunds Roses

ROSA ‘PEACH DELIGHT’ A deep peachy-apricot miniature rose with a strong, fruity fragrance and 2 3/4-inch double blooms that last well as cut flowers. Excellent for containers. Zone 4-9. Nor’east Miniature Roses

SPIRAEA JAPONICA VAR. ALPINA ‘LEMONDROP’. A dwarf, compact-growing shrub with foliage that varies from bright yellow to chartreuse. Flowers are medium to light mauve pink. Less than 12 inches tall. Zones 4-8. Conard-Pyle

Sources for New Introductions

Note: mail-order catalogs are free, unless noted in parentheses.


DAVID AUSTIN ROSES LTD. 15393 Highway 64 West Tyler, TX 75704 ($5)

BAILEY NURSERIES through retail outlets

BALL SEED through retail outlets

BAY VIEW GARDENS 1201 Bay Street Santa Cruz. CA 95060 ($2)

BLOOMS OF BRESSINGHAM though retail outlets

W. ATLEE BURPEE & CO. 300 Park Avenue Warminster. PA 18974

BUSSE GARDENS 17160 254th Avenue Big Lake, MN 55309

COMANCHE ACRES IRIS GARDENS 12421 S.E. State Route 116 Gower, MO 64454 ($3) – comanche

CONARD-PYLE through retail outlets

THE COOK’S GARDEN P.O. Box 535 Londonderry, VT 05148

CRICKET HILL GARDEN 670 Walnut Hill Road Thomaston. CT 06787

EDMUNDS ROSES 6235 SW Kahle Road Wilsonville. OR 97070

THE FLOWER FIELDS through retail outlets

FRANKLIN HILL GARDEN SEEDS 2430 S. Rochester Rd Sewickley, PA 15143

HEDERA, ETC. P.O. Box 461 Lionville, PA 19353 ($2)

HEIRLOOM SEEDS P.O. Box 245 West Elizabeth, PA 15088 ($1)

HERONSWOOD NURSERY 7530 N.E. 288th Street Kingston, WA 98346 ($5)

HIGH COUNTRY GARDENS 2902 Rufina Street Santa Fe, NM 87505

JACKSON & PERKINS CO. 2518 S. Pacific Highway Medford, OR 97501

JOHNNY’S SELECTED SEEDS Box 299, Foss Hill Road Albion, ME 04910

J.W. JUNG SEED CO. 335 South High Street Randolph, WI 53957

LILYPONS WATER GARDENS 6800 Lilypons Road Buckeystown, MD 21717

LOUISIANA NURSERY 5853 Highway 182 Opelousas, LA 70570 ($4)

NICHE GARDENS 1111 Dawson Road Chapel Hill, NC 27516 ($3)

NICHOLS GARDEN NURSERY 1190 North Pacific Highway N.E. Albany. OR 97321

NOR’EAST MINIATURE ROSES P.O. Box 307 Rowley. MA 01969

PANAMERICAN SEED through retail outlets

PARK SEED CO. 1 Parkton Avenue Greenwood, SC 29647

PINETREE GARDEN SEEDS P.O. Box 300 New Gloucester, ME 04260

PLANTS BY MAIL 17325 County Road 68 Loxley, AL 36551

PLANT DELIGHTS NURSERY 9241 Saul’s Road Ralegh, NC 27603 (10 stamps or a box of chocolates)

PROVEN SELECTIONS through retail outlets

RENEE’S GARDEN 7389 West Zayante Rd Felton, CA 95018

ROOTS & RHIZOMES P.O. Box A Randolph, WI 53956

ROSLYN NURSERY 211 Burrs Lane Dix Hills, NY 11746 ($3)

SAVORY’S GARDENS 5300 Whiting Avenue. Edina, MN 55439 ($3)

SCHREINER’S IRIS GARDENS 3625 Quinaby Road, N.E. Salem, OR 97303 ($5)

SEYMOUR’S SELECTED SEEDS P.O. Box 1346 Sussex, VA 23884

SHADY OAKS NURSERY P.O. Box 708 Wasec, MN 56093

R.H. SHUMWAY P.O. Box 1 Graniteville. SC 29829

SISKIYOU GREENHOUSES P.O. Box 378 Cave Junction, OR 97523 ($3)

SUNNY BORDER NURSERIES through retail outlets

TERRA NOVA NURSERIES P.O. Box 23938 Tigard, OR 97281

TERRITORIAL SEED COMPANY P.O. Box 158 Cottage Grove, OR 97424

ANTHONY TESSELAAR INTERNATIONAL call 800-580-5930 for sources

THOMPSON & MORGAN P.O. Box 1308 Jackson, NJ 08527

TOMATO GROWERS SUPPLY CO. P.O. Box 2237 Fort Meyers, FL 33902

TOTALLY TOMATOES P.O. Box 1626 Augusta, GA 30903

UNDERWOOD GARDENS 1414 Zimmerman Lane Woodstock, IL 60098

VERMONT BEAN SEED CO. Garden Lane Fair Haven, VT 05743

WAYSIDE GARDENS 1 Garden Lane Hodges, SC 29695

WEEKS ROSES through retail nurseries

WHITE FLOWER FARM P.O. Box 50, Route 63 Litchfield, CT 06759

YODER BROTHERS through retail outlets

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