Vegetable Varieties for Containers

Vegetables grown in containers will become part of your outdoor living space, so consider combining them with undemanding flowers, such as nasturtiums (which are edible), annual phlox, dwarf snapdragons and petunias. Herbs can be combined with them too. Try parsley, English thyme and basil. Give mints their own pot, as they tend to take over. The following vegetables do well in containers:

Bush Bean ‘Rolande’

Eggplant ‘Little Prince’

Chard ‘Scarlet Charlotte’

Chard ‘Pot of Gold’

Cucumber ‘Baby Persian’

Lettuce ‘Garden Babies’

Lettuce ‘Monet’s Garden Mesclun’

Pepper ‘Pizza My Heart’

Radish ‘Easter Egg’

Scallion ‘Delicious Duo’

Spinach ‘Catalina’

Zucchini ‘Trombetta’

Tomato ‘Super Bush’

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