Dieffenbachia Is an Easy Indoor Plant

dieffenbachiaVirtues: Dieffenbachia, or dumb cane, is a favorite houseplant because it is easy to grow yet looks striking year-round thanks to its full and often patterned foliage.

Common name: Dumb cane, dieffenbachia

Botanical name: Dieffenbachia

Exposure: Bright, medium or low light

Season: Year-round as a tropical foliage houseplant

Foliage: Dieffenbachia has large, narrow oval leaves that stand up and out from central stems. There are many varieties that have white, cream or yellow markings on a green background.

Habit: Dieffenbachia has an upright growth habit. Young plants can fit on a small table, shelf or deep windowsill while mature specimens make good floor plants. Size can vary between named cultivars.

How to grow dieffenbachia: Site these houseplants in bright light or low light. Provide regular moisture, letting the soil dry slightly between waterings. Do not allow the soil to remain soggy. Choose a well-draining potting mix and be sure that the pot has drainage holes. Dieffenbachia appreciate humid air. Add moisture to the air around your plant by standing the pot on a tray of moist gravel and/or placing the pot in a group with other potted plants, since plants release moisture into the air through their leaves. Dieffenbachia is poisonous, so keep it out of the reach of children and pets.

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