Horticulture’s Holiday Garden Giveaway: B & B Market Baskets

B&B Market Baskets

Proceeds from the sale of these baskets help to:

  • Provide health care for the weavers and their families.
  • Provide school supplies for the children of the weavers.
  • Build community weaving centers for several villages of weavers.

B & B Market Baskets is honored to support the efforts of the non-profit foundation Every Basket Helps (EBH). In addition to paying above going rates for the baskets up front, our importer donates 10% of his company’s profits each year to EBH.

The founder also volunteers his time, as do all the members of the non-profit, thus insuring that 100% of the proceeds donated actually go toward the intended projects.

In 2011, Every Basket Helps partnered with the Ministry of Health in Ghana for a second consecutive year to provide health care to another 1,000 villagers (weavers and their families). Ghana has a national health care system, and EBH is paying the registration fees for the 1,000 villagers so they may all enjoy free health care for the year. EBH has arranged with the Health Ministry to travel to each village and organize the registration of all the weavers, after which EBH pays all the necessary fees.

B&B Market BasketsIn 2009, EBH completed a community weaving center serving three villages and over 250 weavers. In addition to providing a place for all the weavers to gather and produce baskets, the community weaving center is being used for village meetings and for school studies.

B & B Market Baskets

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