RadioGarden :: Episode 2: Obsession

Is it possible to become plant-obsessed? This month on RadioGarden, a podcast of stories at the intersection of people and plants, I meet three gardeners who’ve given it some thought.

In this half-hour, I’ll talk to Mindy Arbo and Dudley Cotton of the Cotton-Arbo retum in Winchester, Mass.; and Portland botanical photographer Joshua McCullough of PhytoPhoto, whose essays have appeared on Gardening Gone Wild. Right-click the “Download” link to download, and note to all you iTunes users out there: we’re on it! Bear with us while we work through intricacies, and stay tuned. We hope to announce our presence on iTunes this month.

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About Andrew Keys

Andrew Keys is a writer, designer, and lifelong gardener, and he hosts the RadioGarden podcast on Horticulture Radio. Do you have a story at the intersection of people and plants? Email Andrew at radiogardenmc AT gmail DOT com. Descended from Mississippi cotton farmers, Andrew was raised with a reverence for the land passed down generations, and first fell in love with plants among thickets of Aralia spinosa in the woods of his childhood home. Andrew may be found online at his blog, Garden Smackdown, on Twitter and Facebook. He is a member of the Garden Designers Roundtable, and lectures for the New England Wild Flower Society. Andrew's company, Oakleaf Green Landscape Design, is centered on the philosophy that the crux of every 21st century design problem is our role as stewards of the Earth.

9 thoughts on “RadioGarden :: Episode 2: Obsession

    • That’s really cool, Ryan, thanks for sharing! The Pacific Northwest seems to have some fantastic native plants. But wait, is that a little unfair, since it seems like you guys can grow anything as it is?

      You were the listener asking about iTunes last episode, correct? Did you see we’re on iTunes now? I’m glad to report we do have feeds for each podcast now — RadioGarden’s is here. I’ll be sure to post that in the next entry! I know there’s an Android app that allows users to subscribe to podcasts easily if they can snag the RSS. Hope this helps!

  1. The Winchester couple unbearable. The guy was ok but Mindy Cotton was way too scripted and oh so pretentious……………..
    Almost had to turn it off several times. Can’t help but feel they practiced a script for a play several times before goin on the show
    Great subject…….

    • Hi pwayneright1! Sorry you weren’t feeling this episode; hopefully the next one will be more your thing. If you like interesting plants and you’re local or in the ‘hood, I’d encourage you to stop by and visit Mindy and her garden. She’s a terrific person with a big heart, and I’d wager there’s a tall glass of ice tea in it for you if you want to talk plants! Thanks for listening and commenting.

    • pwayne, i couldn’t agree w/ you more. We found that i just could not talk off the cuff; i had to write it down. i thought i sounded horrible just as you did, but i think andrew felt he couldn’t criticize. anyway, i agree with you. sigh. sorry.

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