RadioGarden :: Episode 1: Moving

Human beings never seem to sit still. It’s the year 2010, and as usual, people everywhere are uprooting their whole lives–some by choice, and some not. But how many are moving away from gardens? In the debut of RadioGarden, a podcast of stories at the intersection of people and plants, I’ll talk to Lynn Felici-Gallant, a gardener preparing to leave her garden behind. Right-click the “Download” link to download.

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About Andrew Keys

Andrew Keys is a writer, designer, and lifelong gardener, and he hosts the RadioGarden podcast on Horticulture Radio. Do you have a story at the intersection of people and plants? Email Andrew at radiogardenmc AT gmail DOT com. Descended from Mississippi cotton farmers, Andrew was raised with a reverence for the land passed down generations, and first fell in love with plants among thickets of Aralia spinosa in the woods of his childhood home. Andrew may be found online at his blog, Garden Smackdown, on Twitter and Facebook. He is a member of the Garden Designers Roundtable, and lectures for the New England Wild Flower Society. Andrew's company, Oakleaf Green Landscape Design, is centered on the philosophy that the crux of every 21st century design problem is our role as stewards of the Earth.

25 thoughts on “RadioGarden :: Episode 1: Moving

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  2. Andrew – incredible job buddy. Love the style. It is all you and down-to-earth. Lynn was a great first guest and fun to listen to. Other than some sound quality issues (which take time to fix), I have nothing but positive things to say. Good job!

  3. Nice job Andrew. I concur with the rest. Fantastic job on your first podcast. You clrearly captured the essence of audio story telling, ala NPR style. Nice job indeed. As the producer of 28 podcasts and counting, let me know if I can offer any technical assistance. Producing a show in the style you’ve chosen is time consuming but well worth the finished product. I look forward to more. Thanks for the first.

  4. Love the podcast. Very NPR-ish. [I just wish Lynn didn’t constantly use the High Rising Terminal, which made her sound like, you know, an insecure, like, teenager?]

    • Hi Ryan! There will be a regular RSS feed you’ll be able to access the podcast from as well, and we’re in the process of tweaking it right now. I’ll be sure to mention both in that announcement when it’s ready.

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    • Hi Fern! That’s a good question — the ball is rolling. iTunes has to approve you first, and then it takes a bit of finagling after you are approved. I’m going to make an announcement when that’s done, and I’ll include a link to iTunes in future posts to.

      Thanks to everyone else who’s commented so positively! I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, this was my first episode, and I’ve already learned a ton. I hope the next one will be even better.

  6. Wow! Excellent I heard about this new Podcast on Good Enough Gardening (which I love!) and was looking forward to it. Simply excellent!

    My family and I may move in the next few years and I have thought much about my GARDEN. This helps much! Thank you!

  7. Wow! This was just a fantastic podcast — and the first podcast I’ve ever sat down and listened to. Andy, you are a natural host. You sound so NPResque! And Lynn’s story about leaving the garden is so touching and human. Both mourning the loss and feeling some relief at not having to maintain a garden. I love the sense of connection I get as a listener. Although I am fortunate to know both of you, this feels like a private intimate conversation — and I get to listen in and experience it.

  8. Listened to the podcast this morning on my walk. Really loved it. I especially enjoyed the sound of crunching leaves and rustling grasses as you toured the garden. I think you really captured the heart of what the gardening spirit is really all about in this one.

  9. FANTASTIC! -love the ‘NPR’ radio feel — wonderful interview on a topic that is rarely covered but is something that many gardeners have gone through. non-gardeners don’t ‘get it’ but real gardeners totally understand the mourning of the loss of a garden.

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