Nest in Style on Horticulture Radio :: Episode 1: Solutions for Small Space Gardening

Welcome to the first episode of Nest in Style on Horticulture Radio. In this episode, co-hosts Jayme Jenkins and Teresa O’Connor share plants, products and tools that are ideal for small outdoor spaces. Regardless of the size of your garden, you’ll find tips to make gardening more enjoyable.

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Create Impact with Small Space Plants

'Heirloom Pepperbox' Poppy. Photo: Renee's Seeds

Elderberry Sambucus nigra. Photo: Teresa O'Connor

Oakleaf Hydrangea 'Little Honey'. Photo:

Great Products for Small Space Gardens

Woolly Pockets

Feeney Cable Trellis


Alessi Kiwi Watering Can

H Potter Dome Trellis

OXO Pour and Store

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Simply tell us your favorite tips for using plants, products or tools in small spaces within your garden, and you’ll be automatically entered into this giveaway contest.  The winner will be announced during our next episode of Nest In Style on Horticulture Radio in March. Good Luck!

Coming Next: Join us in March for another episode of Nest in Style on Horticulture Radio. We’re talking seeds, and we’ll tell you about great products and tools that make growing plants from seeds more enjoyable.

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About Nest In Style

Nest in Style on Horticulture Radio is a monthly podcast series that introduces gardeners to innovative tools and products, while sharing valuable horticulture information at the same time. Along with the latest tools, plants and products for your garden, Nest in Style on Horticulture Radio also examines time-tested solutions that keep on performing. You’ll find plenty of product tips and gardening advice in these podcasts, whether you are a beginner or have gardened for years. Your co-hosts include Jayme Jenkins, who recently co-authored “Garden Rules” (Cool Springs Press, 2011). As an OSU-trained Home Horticulturalist, do-it-yourselfer and social media enthusiast, Jayme is the owner of aHa! Modern Living, a design-oriented home and garden store based in Eugene, Oregon. Find Jayme on Twitter, Facebook and her blog at Joining her is Teresa O’Connor, co-author of “Grocery Gardening” (Cool Springs Press, 2010). Trained as a Master Gardener in California and Idaho, Teresa is a writer and speaker, who shares gardening, seasonal folklore and local food information as Seasonal Wisdom to thousands on Twitter, Facebook and her blog Do you have a story to share with Nest in Style on Horticulture Radio? Contact Past episodes of Nest in Style can be found on

13 thoughts on “Nest in Style on Horticulture Radio :: Episode 1: Solutions for Small Space Gardening

  1. Tons of information on this podcast. Thank you.

    Tip: While listening to this podcast, I typed notes on plants into the ‘comment’ box. Then highlighted my notes, copied and pasted into a word document for future reference.

  2. I really enjoyed your first broadcast. I am a zone 4b so most of the plants were not friendly to us. I hope you do hit the colder zones in your future additions. I did share this on Facebook.

  3. Love this podcast. Full of hardworking tips and plant info. I jotted lots of notes and will now look for Bloomerang Lilac to replance my giant out-of-control lilac wall; and will check out Daphnes and Madeline Hill Rosemary.

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