Nest In Style on Horticulture Radio :: Episode Four: Growing Food Gardens

Growing your own food has become an important, national trend, with kitchen gardens popping up in backyards, as well as front porches, apartment balconies and urban fire escapes. So, it seemed only appropriate to focus this episode of Nest in Style on Horticulture Radio on edible gardening.

Don’t miss co-host Teresa O’Connor’s interview with internationally renowned chef and television personality Graham Kerr (aka “The Galloping Gourmet”), who explains why he has finally started a kitchen garden of his own. Then Teresa and co-host Jayme Jenkins review some of their favorite products for getting your own food garden off the ground, even if you’re short of space.

Not only that, Jayme and Teresa are kicking off another great giveaway for gardeners! But before we announce details on this month’s contest, thanks to everyone who entered the Proven Winners random drawing in April. Congratulations to these six lucky winners:

  • Kathy Juracek
  • Crystal Knodel
  • Patty Hicks
  • Andrew Shields
  • Joy Myer
  • Donna Wright

The winners’ prizes will be shipped shortly, so they can enjoy these Proven Winners plants in their own gardens soon. Thanks again for entering.

Enter to Win May’s Edible Garden Giveaway

Graham Kerr's New Book

  1. Autographed copy of Graham Kerr’s Growing At The Speed of Light: A Year in the Life of My First Kitchen Garden (100 delicious recipes along with gardening advice about 60 vegetables, fruits and herbs.)
  2. A Greenland Gardener raised garden kit (A raised bed that assembles in minutes for growing vegetables, herbs and flowers.)
  3. P. Allen Smith – How-To Garden Cards for Veggies and Herbs (Expert growing advice from one of America’s most famous gardeners. Includes DVD!)

To win, all you have to do is leave a comment below. If you’re a new gardener, tell us which edibles you are eager to grow this year. If you’re an established gardener, tell us 1) which new vegetables, fruits or herbs you want to try this season, and 2) what you can’t wait to grow again this year.

Winners will be randomly selected by the end of May. Good luck, and happy gardening!

More Edible Gardening Resources

Greenland Gardener Raised Bed

P. Allen Smith's Garden Cards

Raised Beds

Cold/Frost Protectors

Plant Supports

DIY Broom Support

Keeping Track


More Help

P. Allen Smith – How-To Garden Cards for Veggies and Herbs – PRIZE PACKAGE

Tune in next month when Jayme and Teresa review great plants, products and tools for gardening with children. You can always find more gardening information at aHa! Modern Living and Seasonal Wisdom. Now, go grow something!

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Nest in Style on Horticulture Radio is a monthly podcast series that introduces gardeners to innovative tools and products, while sharing valuable horticulture information at the same time. Along with the latest tools, plants and products for your garden, Nest in Style on Horticulture Radio also examines time-tested solutions that keep on performing. You’ll find plenty of product tips and gardening advice in these podcasts, whether you are a beginner or have gardened for years. Your co-hosts include Jayme Jenkins, who recently co-authored “Garden Rules” (Cool Springs Press, 2011). As an OSU-trained Home Horticulturalist, do-it-yourselfer and social media enthusiast, Jayme is the owner of aHa! Modern Living, a design-oriented home and garden store based in Eugene, Oregon. Find Jayme on Twitter, Facebook and her blog at Joining her is Teresa O’Connor, co-author of “Grocery Gardening” (Cool Springs Press, 2010). Trained as a Master Gardener in California and Idaho, Teresa is a writer and speaker, who shares gardening, seasonal folklore and local food information as Seasonal Wisdom to thousands on Twitter, Facebook and her blog Do you have a story to share with Nest in Style on Horticulture Radio? Contact Past episodes of Nest in Style can be found on

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