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Men hold up bank with garden shears
They won’t likely go down in lore as great gardeners or celebrity bandits, but they could be cited for their creativity. Two men wielding garden shears robbed an Albuquerque, N.M., bank. Two suspects have been arrested. Local story.

Chart your garden with the Timelapse PlantCam
A Timelapse PlantCam lets you make a video record of an entire growing season and watch it unfold in a matter of seconds or minutes. You place the camera in your garden and set it to take still photos at the desired time interval. Later, set the camera to “Convert to Movie” and it does all the work. No tools, additional software or wiring is required. The rugged, weatherproof design makes Timelapse PlantCam sturdy enough for year-round use. A Timelapse PlantCam sells for $79 from

Sodium in the soil may improve tomato flavor
The National Gardening Association has posted an interesting summary of recent research that suggests salt in the soil contributes to good tomato flavor. Read the article "A Pinch of Salt for Tasty Tomatoes?"

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