2011 Garden Photo Contest Winners

Here are the photographs selected as the winners and honorable mentions in Horticulture‘s 2011 Garden Photo Contest, sponsored by the Garden Tool Company, Proven Winners and Botanical Interests.

Entry into the contest was free, and the photographers’ names were not attached to the images during the judging process. Final judging was performed by noted garden photographer Rob Cardillo. After the names of the winners and runners-up were revealed, we contacted each to notify them and to ask them for a few words—thoughts about their photograph, a bit about themselves, their gardening background, their thoughts about Horticulture magazine or whatever they wanted to say. Below you’ll see the images and the photographers’ comments. Click each image for a larger view. The Grand Prize and First Place photographs also appear in the January/February 2012 issue of Horticulture. All images are copyright F+W Media and fully subject to copyright law.

Grand Prize Winner
“Frosted Celtic Knot Garden with Topiary” by Clive Nichols

Frosted Celtic Knot Garden








I am a garden photographer living in a barn in rural Oxfordshire (England). I designed my own garden so that it would look great in photographs, and I was honoured to have Horticulture feature my garden in a previous issue (January 2008). My favourite time to photograph gardens is in wintertime, with frost—and I am thrilled that my winning image was taken under just such conditions.

Category: The Edible Garden
First Place
“Strawberry Loran,” John Glover

Strawberry Loran







Every year I grow different varieties of fruit and vegetables to photograph in my own garden. My family loves strawberries, but, of course, so do birds, animals and snails. So by growing them in some of my antique terra-cotta pots, they not only look great for the photos but I can ensure only family and friends get to eat them.

Second Place
“Plums,” Anna Dickie







As a Scot living near Edinburgh, I’m thrilled to have my photograph recognized by such a prestigious American magazine. I garden in a small town that dates from the 12th century. I was a trustee of a significant public garden for 15 years, and now I volunteer in other private and public Scottish gardens. Hardy perennials are my abiding love.

Category: Garden Landscapes
First Place
“April Morning in Our Garden,” John Roger Palmour








I have subscribed to your magazine for over 30 years, and I have been working on this garden here on the edge of the North Georgia Mountains for over 15, but I never dreamed it would appear in Horticulture. I am looking forward to seeing it in print along with all of the other contest winners.

Second Place
“Narborough Hall, Norfolk: Dawn Light,” Clive Nichols







Honorable Mentions
“Allium I,” Angela Blair







I have enjoyed gardening and photography as a hobby for the last 15 years. One of my favorite garden scenes is the allium in spring and in the early-morning summer dew, along with the right natural light for the perfect backdrop. Living in central Pennsylvania allows for a variety of photo opportunities with varying flowers during the ever-changing seasons. Besides flowers and nature, my favorite subjects to photograph are my two wonderful grandchildren.

“Agave in Sonoma,” Michelle Derviss

Agave in Sonoma










I’ve been a practicing landscape designer on the WestCoast for the past 25 years. My greatest joy is traveling and photographing gardens locally and across the world. This experience has given me so many different opportunities to see the landscape, horticulture and societal cultures in a variety of perspectives that has deeply enriched and inspired my personal and business life.

Category: People in the Garden
First Place
“Water Boy,” Donald Buma








Over the years I have been involved with public gardens in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Kansas and Virginia. Throughout this time Horticulture magazine has been a constant and reliable source of reliable and insightful gardening information. Thank you for this valuable service, and keep up the good work.

Second Place
“April in Paris,” Lezlie Mills Barker







Being a gardener with a passion for architecture, this timeless scene immediately caught my eye. I managed to snap two quick frames before the moment was lost. I love that this image captures history, beauty and the workers who make it all possible.

Category: Seasonal Gardens
First Place
“Early Morning Sunlight—Autumn,” Clive Nichols







Second Place
“Fall,” Merrill Jensen







I’ve had an appreciation for plants since I was a kid; my folks have a photo of me working in a flowerbed when I was two. Since that time, I’ve earned a degree in ornamental horticulture from Washington State University and have gardened around the western U.S. I’ve taken my love of plants and combined it with my other love—photography—and have found it to be a good mix.

Honorable Mention
“Forever Fall,” Debbie Dolecki








It is an honor to be chosen to have my photo published by Horticulture magazine. My love of gardening and appreciation of the Midwest’s changing seasons help provide beautiful subjects for my photography.

Category: Wildlife, Animals & Insects in the Garden
First Place
“Pollywog Bud,” Shelly Funai







I studied horticulture at The Ohio State University and spend my career working in the gardens at Stan Hywet Hall and gardens in Akron, Ohio. I spend my free time with my husband, who is also a professional horticulturist, building our gardens at home. Both of us enjoy garden photography (especially garden critters!) and it is such a pleasure to share a published photo in Horticulture!

Second Place
“Hummingbird Moth with Salvia,” Linda Huffman








After my husband retired from the Marine Corps, we were able to stay in one place long enough to fall in love with gardening. I became interested in wildlife photography when I discovered some barred owls nesting in the woods behind our house. Now I’m that quirky neighbor down the street who is always peeking over the bushes with the clippers or the camera.

Honorable Mentions
“Singing Bluebird,” Linda Huffman










“Imagine That,” Mary A. Fenner










My love for a garden and all its treasures comes from hours spent as a young girl with my mother in her grand gardens, and hours spent in the gardens of my dearest friend Judy. I enjoy taking pictures up close to capture the smallest of details in nature that might otherwise be missed with a casual glance. I am thrilled that my picture was chosen to be enjoyed by many on Hortmag.com.


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10 thoughts on “2011 Garden Photo Contest Winners

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  2. Well… This is one contest I never have to bother entering again. I agree with Anonymous, the quality of these images, with a FEW exceptions, leaves a lot to be desired!

    • If there is one thing I’ve learned in photography, it is that each person has their own view and opinion on pictures. Sometimes someone sees something you may not. I’ve submitted to numerous contests and can tell you that I’ve had some of my pictures selected as winners and out of all of the pictures I submitted, the winners were usually ones that would have never been my first choice. Remember beauty is in the eye of the beholder and don’t give up.

  3. I entered a photo the white bleeding hearts and did not win. However the photos that did are worthy of winning. The teapot with plums is pure splendor. Great photo artwork!

  4. Thanks for sharing the 2011 photos. It reminds us that there is so much beauty out there – we need to take time to ‘see’ it in our own neighborhoods. Looking forward to 2012 photos.

  5. I think the judge is TOTALLY not fair as one of my golden gazebo photos was not even in the honorable mentions. That photo was won some other awards. I see some worst photos here without any good composition, especially at the end. You should ask viewers to vote as well and whoever judged seems like love more shadows than the actual appeal of the picture itself. AGAIN, THIS IS TOTALLY NOT FAIR!

    • Hi there, I’m sorry that you were disappointed by the results of our contest. Thank you very much for participating. We received over 7,000 entries and it was a stiff competition. We maintain the utmost confidence in our final judge, Rob Cardillo, who has been photographing plants and gardens for books and magazines for more than 20 years. Thank you again for your interest in the contest, and best of luck with your photography.

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