Needle Loss on Evergreens

Mugo pineQuestion: I’ve just noticed my Mugo pines are dropping needles. I don’t see any signs of insects and they seemed healthy all year. Why are these evergreens shedding their needles?

Answer: Some needle loss on evergreens in the fall is normal. As night cool, you may see needles on the interior of the tree or shrub turn yellow and drop off. The amount of needles lost varies from year to year, depending on the past summer’s weather. It is usually most pronounced on newly planted or transplanted evergreens. You’ll likely see your plants develop more growth next spring to make up for the lost leaves.

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  1. My step-mother who lives in Minden,Louisiana close to Shereveport says that pine trees drop their needles every so often. I saw them doing it one fall and thought they were all diseased and dying. She said no, this is a normal occurence.

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