Fave Plants

Need some inspiration for something new to grow or an exciting combination to add to your garden? Follow the links below to read about the favorite plants of garden bloggers and landscape designers across the country. Be sure to add let us know your favorites in the comments section!

The wahoo (shown), a great alternative to invasive burning bush. (Douglas Owens-Pike, Minneapolis)

Phormium tenax ‘Bronze’, a dramatic foliage plant. (Ivette Soler, Los Angeles)

Golden currant, a drought-tolerant shrub that’s both ornamental and edible. (Jocelyn Chilvers, Denver area)

Bamboo muhly, a native ornamental grass with great texture and movement. (Pam Penick, Austin, Texas)

‘De La Mina’ verbena, a tough perennial that blooms nearly year-round in Zones 7–10. (Susan Morrison, San Francisco)

Oakleaf hydrangea, a shrub favored for its year-round interest. (Tara Dillard, Atlanta, Ga.)

‘Anna Aasa’ cherry tomatoes, which presented a challenge because the garden was on a fire escape. (Mike Lieberman, NYC/Los Angeles)

‘Ofjui-nishiki’ tree peony, whose gorgeous blooms demanded ingenuity from one northern gardener. (Barabara Pintozzi, Chicago area)

The night-blooming cereus, which usually looks awkward but makes up for it with one night of spectacular flowers. (Carol Michel, Indiana)

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