Container Gardening Ideas: Plant Lists, Instructions & Ideas

container gardening tips

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Is Container Gardening Right for You?

Maybe you’ve downsized into a condo and your new garden is on a third-floor balcony—that’s ideal small space gardening! Or, maybe you’ve moved into your new home and you want to get started gardening so you’re going to begin with containers on the back patio—you can grow flowers and vegetables in containers!

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how to grow plants in containers

What is Inside This Guide to Container Gardening?

  • Plant lists and container “recipes” to help you create gorgeous combinations in your container garden
  • Tips and explanations on how to successfully grow fruit in pots and container
  • How to use containers within your garden beds for emphasis
  • Cost-saving hanging-basket liners you can create in minutes
  • A unique method of mulching your containers with wine corks

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